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Version History:
Added the ability for users to view their problem reports.

1.9.3 (11/18/2007)
Added search for members

... Due to poor record keeping, updates weren't kept for a while. Sorry! ...

1.9.2 (02/13/2007)
Added the ability to add a story arc to your wishlist (requested)
Added the ability to view a title's cover gallery in your collection (requested)
Added the ability to view a user's issues in their collection that are available in the Marketplace (requested)
Added image icons for characters on issue pages (requested)
Fixed issue cloning to only clone characters on the issue level and not the story level

1.9.1 (02/07/2007)
Modified adding issues to your collection to automatically removing them from your wishlist if present (requested)

1.9.0 (01/17/2007)
Added the ability to change your profile

1.8.9 (01/01/2007)
Added a report to view issues in yout collection that have not been rated (requested)

1.8.8 (12/30/2006)
Added 'Unrated' and 'Repaired' to the list of conditions for issues in each collection (requested)
Added the ability to change the settings of a batch of issues added to a collection (requested)

1.8.7 (12/15/2006)
Added chronological character appearances (requested)

1.8.6 (12/14/2006)
Added the ability to search only within your collection (requested)

1.8.5 (12/14/2006)
Added chronological creator credits (requested)

1.8.4 (12/13/2006)
Added a link to display only your issues in the Marketplace (requested)

1.8.3 (12/13/2006)
Added a link to compare your wishlist against the Marketplace (requested)

1.8.2 (12/12/2006)
Added the Marketplace section of the site (requested)

1.8.1 (12/09/2006)
Made issue versions expandable on the Title page

1.8.0 (12/07/2006)
Made character appearances expandable on the creator page (requested)

1.7.9 (12/06/2006)
Made creator credits expandable on the creator page (requested)

1.7.8 (12/05/2006)
Added Issue Name to the possible export fields (requested)

1.7.7 (12/02/2006)
Made the "missing issues in your collection" expandable/collapsable (requested)

1.7.6 (11/28/2006)
Added the ability to make pull lists public

1.7.5 (11/27/2006)
Added the ability to find books with two creators

1.7.4 (11/16/2006)
Added a list for most recently added issues to a collection (requested)

1.7.3 (11/09/2006)
Added pull lists and subscriptions (requested)

1.7.2 (11/08/2006)
Added the Missing Issue by Title collection report (requested)

1.7.1 (11/07/2006)
Added the ability to delete favorite creators/characters (requested)

1.7.0 (10/14/2006)
Modified main collection page to count TPBs, HCs and other separately from issues (requested)

1.6.9 (10/12/2006)
Updated My ComicBookDB display

1.6.8 (10/07/2006)
Added a Browse Members section

1.6.7 (9/27/2006)
Added Public Collections page (requested)

1.6.6 (9/26/2006)
Added mature content flag for issues (requested)

1.6.5 (9/23/2006)
Added Most Collected Issues page (requested)

1.6.4 (9/6/2006)
Released Firefox toolbar 1.0.4 - added the ability for the extension to update itself

1.6.3 (8/22/2006)
Released Firefox toolbar 1.0.2 - added several new buttons for quick navigation to a user's ratings, reviews, favorite characters/creators

1.6.2 (8/21/2006)
Added Favorite Creator and Favorite Character lists for users (requested)

1.6.1 (8/19/2006)
Released Firefox toolbar 1.0.1 - added logo to toolbar (requested)

1.6.0 (8/14/2006)
Released Firefox toolbar 1.0 (requested)

1.5.9 (8/07/2006)
Added middle names for creators to Creator search (requested)

1.5.8 (7/29/2006)
Overhauled variant cover system (requested)

1.5.7 (6/28/2006)
Added middle names for characters (requested)

1.5.6 (6/26/2006)
Fixed bug that sorts names in group lists (requested)

1.5.5 (6/21/2006)
Batch add issues to wishlist (requested)

1.5.4 (6/19/2006)
Added the ability to view your collection as a cover gallery (requested)

1.5.3 (6/18/2006)
Added better login functionality so that you don't get sent to the homepage when getting automatically logged back in (requested)

1.5.2 (6/16/2006)
Added when/where acquired attributes to issues in your collection (requested)

1.5.1 (6/15/2006)
Added a line to issue pages that shows how many collections the issue is in (requested)

1.5.0 (6/15/2006)
Added 'Poor', 'Coverless' to the list of options for the Issue_condition of an issue in your collection (requested)

1.4.9 (6/15/2006)
Added read/unread attribute to issues in your collection (requested)

1.4.8 (6/13/2006)
Added new error checking to issue add/edit/clone functions to prevent losing your entry when having to correct errors (requested)

1.4.7 (6/6/2006)
Added writer, penciller and cover artist as fields to export from your collection (requested)

1.4.6 (6/04/2006)
Added the ability to delete a run of issues from your collection (requested)

1.4.5 (5/20/2006)
Added recommended issues based on user scores

1.4.4 (4/20/2006)
Added price paid to the possible fields to export for collections (requested)

1.4.3 (4/19/2006)
Added the ability to list batches of issues for reprints (requested)

1.4.2 (4/17/2006)
Added collection notes to the possible fields to export for collections (requested)

1.4.1 (4/16/2006)
Wishlists added (requested)

1.4.0 (4/08/2006)
Link added to collection pages to see the issues in your collection that are missing covers in the database (requested)

1.3.9 (4/02/2006)
Collection exporting added (requested)

1.3.8 (3/26/2006)
Changed the adding of characters to issues to work more like creators (requested)

1.3.7 (3/08/2006)
Added creator signature image uploads

1.3.6 (3/07/2006)
Added publisher logo image uploads (requested)

1.3.5 (3/6/2006)
Fixed bug in collections that duplicated issue listings (requested)

1.3.4 (2/28/2006)
First contest ends - Darth Kramer is the winner

1.3.3 (2/19/2006)
Started entering Eisner award results

1.3.2 (2/18/2006)
Added displays of awards for titles and creators. requested

1.3.1 (2/01/2006)
Started first contest - issue/story synopses - and added code to support

1.3.0 (01/16/2006)
Fixed variant cover uploading. (requested)

1.2.9 (01/10/2006)
Added a specific titles to creator, character and title pages.

1.2.8 (01/03/2006)
Added a username reminder page. (requested)

1.2.7 (12/20/2005)
Added a problem reporting page. This page can be reached from any issue, title, character, creator, publisher, imprint, group or story arc page.

1.2.6 (12/14/2005)
Improved the search functionality. If a space is present in the search string, the search will now search for seperate words instead of the whole phrase.

1.2.5 (12/13/2005)
Added an issue count for each title in a collection (requested)

1.2.4 (12/13/2005)
Added a browse section for TPBs/HCs (requested)

1.2.3 (12/13/2005)
Added the ability to link TPBs/HCs to the issues they collect/reprint. To do this, click on the "Edit this Issue" button of the TPB/HC. Example: Ultimate Spider-Man TPB vol. 13 (requested)

1.2.2 (12/12/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Characters. See the page of any character for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.2.1 (12/12/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Creators. See the page of any creator for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.2.0 (12/11/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Imprints. See the page of any imprint for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.1.9 (12/11/2005)
Added an "issues missing large images" page to find issues that only have a thumbnail uploaded. (requested)

1.1.8 (12/09/2005)
Changed the way that images are stored on the server.

1.1.7 (12/07/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Publishers. See the page of any publisher for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.1.6 (12/6/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Story Arcs. See the page of any story arc for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.1.5 (12/02/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Issues. See the page of any issue for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.1.4 (12/01/2005)
Added My Reviews to the My ComicBookDB section. Let's you see what you have reviewed.

1.1.3 (12/01/2005)
Added My Ratings to the My ComicBookDB section. Let's you see what you have rated.

1.1.2 (11/30/2005)
Added contribution tracking for Titles. See the main title page of any book for details. (Currently only tracks additions/changes made in the last few days)

1.1.1 (11/25/2005)
Added donation button to the front page. (requested)

1.1.0 (11/25/2005)
Added the ability to add a character to a run of issues in a title. Available from the character's page (near the bottom). (requested)

1.0.9 (11/23/2005)
Added support for creators to have other credits (example: Matt Banning, Batt or Glynis Wein, Glynis Oliver). Click the "Edit This Creator" button to add credits.

1.0.8 (11/20/2005)
Added more searches for missing content. Gives the ability to find issues missing creators by specific position.

1.0.7 (11/20/2005)
Replaced a bunch of buttons from the old design so that they go with the new(er) look.

1.0.6 (11/19/2005)
Added the same functionality of adding/removing creators for adding/editing stories within an issue. Again, if there are any problems with this new method, please contact us immediately.

1.0.5 (11/19/2005)
Added a significantly different way of adding/removing creators for adding/editing/cloning issues. If there are any problems with this new method, please contact us immediately.

1.0.4 (11/19/2005)
Added lists for the last 100 issues and the last 100 TPBs/HCs added to the system

1.0.3 (11/19/2005)
Cover galleries now display covers in groups of 20 per page (requested)

1.0.2 (11/19/2005)
Added a message center for trading messages back and forth between members regarding the buying/selling/trading of comics

1.0.1 (11/18/2005)
Added "Original Graphic Novel" to the format list for issues (requested)

1.0.0 (11/15/2005)
Changed First Appearance for Characters code to test possible new way of eliminating huge lists of data

0.9.9 (11/12/2005)
Added a generic phpBB forums installation (requested)

0.9.8 (11/12/2005)
Added page count to issues (requested)

0.9.7 (11/12/2005)
Added the ability to add a run of issues to your collection. Available from the title page (example: Global Frequency) (requested)

0.9.6 (11/12/2005)
Added the ability to set a default location for issues that you add to your collection so that it doesn't have to be typed every time. See the Collection Preferences page in your collection. (requested)
Moved the database stats of missing entries to their own page to alleviate some loading times on the front page

0.9.5 (11/11/2005)
Added the ability to make your collection viewable to the public (available in your collection page). If a user has a public collection, there will be a link to it in the user's page (example: melkoloran's user page (requested)

0.9.4 (11/11/2005)
Search by Issue Name now also searches the Issue Tagline field (requested)
Added variant covers to the total number of images and the number of covers a contributor has submitted (requested)

0.9.3 (11/11/2005)
Added the ability to change your vote on an issue (requested)
Added famous quotes for characters (requested)

0.9.2 (11/10/2005)
Public Launch
Added TPB/HC of the day to the front page
Added Last 15 TPBs/HCs list to the front page

0.9.1 (11/09/2005)
Added notes to the Story Arc pages

0.9.0 (11/08/2005)
Added entire site search

0.8.9 (11/07/2005)
Added Collection tracking

0.8.8 (11/06/2005)
Added Story Name in the search dropdown

0.8.7 (11/05/2005)
Added quick login and stats to new design

0.8.6 (11/04/2005)
New design

0.8.5 (10/26/2005)
Added a powers/weaknesses field for characters (requested).
Fixed a bug in the browse character/creator pages related to the P icon showing up when a picture didn't exist.

0.8.4 (10/25/2005)
As an alternative to Google ads to supplement hosting costs, links to buy trade paperbacks/hardcovers from Amazon may now be used. Hopefully it won't be too garish. Example: Watchmen: The Absolute Edition.

0.8.3 (10/25/2005)
Added a dropdown to determine the order of stories in a single issue (available in add and edit story pages).

0.8.2 (10/25/2005)
Added cover gallery for cover artists (available on the creator's page).

0.8.1 (10/24/2005)
A creator's list of work is now sorted alphabetically.

0.8.0 (10/17/2005)
Added cover gallery for story arcs (requested)

0.7.9 (10/17/2005)
Added help entries in the add/edit group and character pages.

0.7.8 (10/17/2005)
Added a notes field for publishers and imprints (requested)
Added help entries in the add/edit title and creator pages.

0.7.7 (10/17/2005)
Added taglines for issues (requested)
Added help entries in the add/edit/clone issue pages.

0.7.6 (10/12/2005)
Title listings can now sort by issue number or by chronological order (requested)

0.7.5 (10/12/2005)
Fixed some tracking issues (requested)
The issue list for a specific title now lists all storyarcs for an issue rather than just the first (requested)

0.7.4 (10/07/2005)
Added support for foreign currencies (currently 6, I can add more if needed). U.S. currency gets top billing, so if the issue is in the U.S. and U.K., the U.S. price is to be put in. (requested)

0.7.3 (10/07/2005)
Added support for characters to have other identities (example: Nightwing, Robin II). Click the "Edit This Character" button to add identities. (requested)

0.7.2 (10/07/2005)
Added the My ComicBookDB section - currently allows for changing passwords
Fixed some bugs in the browsing sections

0.7.1 (10/07/2005)
Changed the display for publication of one-shot titles so that they only list one date (i.e. October 2005 instead of October 2005 - October 2005) (requested)
Updated default publisher, imprint, cover date month and cover date year for adding issues from a specific title (requested)
Added new stat on index page for issues with a cover price of $0.00

0.7.0 (10/06/2005)
Completed switch to our new (and much better) host

0.6.9 (10/03/2005)
Added Top Rated Issues page

0.6.8 (10/03/2005)
Added a field for specific days in the cover date (for example, Action Comics Weekly #601 cover date is May 24, 1988). This is only for issues with specific days in the cover date. (requested)

0.6.7 (10/03/2005)
Changed the listing of titles for a creator so that they are divided by role (example: Joe Quesada)

0.6.6 (10/01/2005)
Added character/creator cloning for individual stories rather than whole issues (requested)

0.6.5 (10/01/2005)
Added the ability for admins to lock down character/creator/issue entries

0.6.4 (9/30/2005)
Added support for multiple images for characters (for cases of different personas/costumes) (requested)

0.6.3 (9/29/2005)
Added the ability to have multiple story arcs for one issue (requested)

0.6.2 (9/29/2005)
Added Google ads to help offset expected hosting costs

0.6.1 (9/28/2005)
Added characters to multiple story entries (requested)

0.6.0 (9/27/2005)
Added creators and story arcs to multiple story entries (requested)

0.5.9 (9/26/2005)
Added ability to add multiple stories per issue (for anthologies and such). Click on the 'Edit This Issue' button and click the link 'Add a story to this issue'. (requested)

0.5.8 (9/26/2005)
Added ability for variant covers to appear in cover galleries (requested)

0.5.7 (9/26/2005)
Added code to allow cloning creators/characters straight from an issue page (requested)

0.5.6 (9/26/2005)
Added indicators in the browse sections for characters/creators with images

0.5.5 (9/25/2005)
Added character and creator cloning by issue - found in the 'Add New Content' link (requested)

0.5.4 (9/24/2005)
Added a number of button graphics

0.5.3 (9/24/2005)
Added creator image uploading (requested)

0.5.2 (9/24/2005)
Added character image uploading (requested)

0.5.1 (9/23/2005)
Added stat for average number of issues per day

0.5.0 (9/22/2005)
Added an admin control panel

0.4.9 (9/21/2005)
Added Creators Missing Positions stat and list (requested)

0.4.8 (9/21/2005)
Added Story Arc and Issue Name to the search options in the upper left (requested)

0.4.7 (9/20/2005)
Added Story Arc browsing in left column (requested)

0.4.6 (9/20/2005)
Story Arc field is now a link that shows all issues in that story arc. Note: the spelling must be correct or issues will not be listed. (requested)

0.4.5 (9/20/2005)
Added Story Arc field for issues for crossovers or secondary titles (ex: Identity Crisis or Secret Wars) (requested)

0.4.4 (9/20/2005)
Added nicknames for creators that go by one name (ex: Jock) (requested)

0.4.3 (9/19/2005)
Added stats and lists for issues with no creators and/or characters.

0.4.2 (9/19/2005)
Revamped the creator choice for adding issues. This is only available in adding new issues (not cloning) for testing purposes.

0.4.1 (9/18/2005)
Added stat and list for issues missing covers on the home page.

0.4.0 (9/18/2005)
Added issue reviews.

0.3.9 (9/17/2005)
Added a cover gallery for each title.

0.3.8 (9/16/2005)
Added a field for issue number that allows letters. (requested)

0.3.7 (9/16/2005)
Bug fixed that kept publisher name from displaying in issues without an issue name (requested)

0.3.6 (9/16/2005)
Creator name error checking now includes the suffix to allow parents/children (example: John Romita, Sr. and John Romita, Jr.) (requested)

0.3.5 (9/16/2005)
Characters are now cloned along with the issue (requested)

0.3.4 (9/15/2005)
Limited creators to specific positions (requested)
Fixed a bug in the publisher/imprint browse lists

0.3.3 (9/15/2005)
File size of image uploads is now limited: 10KB for thumbnails, 100KB for large shots

0.3.2 (9/15/2005)
Fixed a bug in the title sorting code from version 0.2.8
Added the same sorting to characters (requested)

0.3.1 (9/14/2005)
Added a complete contributor list (requested)

0.3.0 (9/14/2005)
Added previous/next links for issues in the same title (requested)

0.2.9 (9/14/2005)
Added letter column title for issues (requested)

0.2.8 (9/14/2005)
Sorting titles now ignores "The", "A" and "An" at the beginning of the title name (requested)
Site name in upper left links to home (requested)
Publisher/imprint names link to the publisher/imprint pages from issue/title details pages

0.2.7 (9/14/2005)
Displaying all creator information on creator's page. See Stan Lee as an example.

0.2.6 (9/13/2005)
Added a notes field to titles for details such as "6 issue mini series"

0.2.5 (9/13/2005)
Added variant covers. See Superman/Batman #1 as an example.

0.2.4 (9/13/2005)
Clicking on a creator or character's listed titles now displays the issues that they worked on.

0.2.3 (9/12/2005)
Added issue notes. (requested)

0.2.2 (9/12/2005)
A new page shows issues released by cover date - click on an issue's cover date to see. (requested)

0.2.1 (9/12/2005)
Logging in sets a cookie to stay logged in over long periods of time (requested)

0.2.0 (9/12/2005)
Added issue cloning
Added database stats on the front page

0.1.9 (9/11/2005)
Added issue ratings

0.1.8 (9/11/2005)
Added publisher/imprint adding/editing

0.1.7 (9/11/2005)
Added contact form

0.1.6 (9/11/2005)
Added seasons to month listings (requested)

0.1.5 (9/10/2005)
Added first appearance field for characters (requested)

0.1.4 (9/10/2005)
Added character removal from issues (requested)

0.1.3 (9/10/2005)
Added feature request form

0.1.2 (9/10/2005)
Added attaching characters to issues

0.1.1 (9/10/2005)
Added cover uploads

0.1.0 (9/09/2005)
Beta Launch

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