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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Assassin's Creed: Locus ...
  2. Britannia (2016)
  3. Aliens: Life And Death (...
  4. A Time To Die (2016)
  5. Widow: Progeny (2016)
  6. The Strain: Mister Quinl...
  7. Jack The Lantern: Zero S...
  8. Transformers Rescuebots ...
  9. Houses of the Holy (2015...
  10. The British Showcase Ant...
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Aly Dunn
  2. Julian Matson
  3. Caitlin Skaalrud
  4. Elisabet
  5. Dai
  6. Bowen
  7. Ingrid Andersson
  8. Anna Söderberg
  9. Lina Adolphson
  10. Liria
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Screeching Tire
  2. Spielbird-Dog, Steven
  3. Lady Eve (DC)(Post Flash...
  4. Randolph, Rusty
  5. Soapy (Marvel)
  6. Blaze (Marvel)(Horse)
  7. Terror (Marvel)(Horse)
  8. Gunhawk (Marvel) (03 - R...
  9. Wilson, Whip
  10. Nimo (Marvel)(Lion)
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mightiness has 0 reviews

Favorite Creators
Bagley, Mark
Buscema, John
Buscema, Sal
Busiek, Kurt
Byrne, John
Chen, Sean
Cheung, Jim
Claremont, Chris
Davis, Alan
Epting, Steve
Kordey, Igor - 'Igor Kordej'
Larroca, Salvador
Pacheco, Carlos
Pérez, George
Silvestri, Marc
Simonson, Louise
Simonson, Walter
Stern, Roger L.
Waid, Mark

mightiness has 1 rating

Favorite Characters
Arkon (Marvel)
Baron Zemo (Marvel)(02 - Helmut Zemo)
Beta Ray Bill (Marvel)
Black Widow (Marvel)(03 - Yelena Belova)
Blood Brother(s) (Marvel)
Bloodscream (Marvel)
Bruiser (Marvel)
Centurius (Marvel)
Champion, Imus
Collective Man (Marvel)
Collector (Marvel)
Constrictor (Marvel)
Controller (Marvel)
Crossbones (Marvel)
Cyber (Marvel)
Death's Head (Marvel)(02 - Bounty Hunter)
Death's Head (Marvel)(03 - Minion)
Eric the Red (02 - Davan Shakari)
Fenris (Andreas Strucker)
Firefox (Marvel)
Gorgon (Marvel)(02 - Tomi Shishido)
Grandmaster (Marvel)
Hauptmann (Marvel), Jurgen 'Iron Hand'
Hitman (Marvel)(01 - Burt Kenyon)
Jack Flag
Khan (Marvel)
Lobo (Marvel), Maximus
Magnum, Moses
Manhunter (03 - Mark Shaw)
Mentallo (Marvel)
Midnight (Marvel)
Moonstone (Marvel)(01 - Lloyd Bloch)
Mr. X (Marvel)(02 - Serial Killer)
Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
Necker (Marvel)(Earth-8410), Evelyn
Overmind (Marvel)
Prince Baran
Proctor (Marvel)
Professor Power
Razor-Fist (Marvel)(02 - Douglas Scott)
Red Lotus (Marvel)
Red Skull (Marvel)(01 - Johann Schmidt)
Roughouse (Marvel)
Salvo (Marvel)(01 - Hydra)
Scimitar (Marvel)
Scourge (Marvel)(02 - Frank Simpson)
Shaitan (Marvel)
Shaitan (Microverse)
Silver Samurai (Marvel)(01 - Kenuichio Harada)
Snapdragon (Marvel)(01 - Sheoke Sanada)
Super-Adaptoid (01 - Android)
Superia (Marvel)
Swordsman (Marvel)(05 - Andreas von Strucker)
Taskmaster (Marvel)
Thundra (Marvel)
Trickshot (Marvel)(02 - Barney Barton)
Tyger Tiger
Typhoid Mary (Marvel)
Unum (Marvel)
Vargas (Marvel)
Viper (Marvel)(02 - Ophelia Sarkissian)
Voge (Marvel), Tullamore
von Strucker (Marvel), Baron Wolfgang
Zaran (Marvel)

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