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Last 10 titles added:
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  2. Kaito Kid (2006)
  3. Lesbian Zombies (2015)
  4. Crimson Embrace (1995)
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  6. Firestorm: The Nuclear M...
  7. Vamperotica Dare to Bare...
  8. Backstage (2015)
  9. Don Quixote (2015)
  10. Drive (2015)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Kazuiro Kubota
  2. Sefa Guerrero
  3. Gustavo Melo
  4. Raymond Agustin - 'Monds'
  5. Wayne A. Brown
  6. Jave Galt-Miller
  7. Broeck Steadman
  8. Ken Cotrona
  9. June McDonald
  10. Brian Funk
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  7. Brad (Marvel)(02 - camer...
  8. Dave (Marvel)(02 - camer...
  9. Brothers (Marvel), Ashle...
  10. Moomba
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My Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Favorite Creators
Lee, Stan 'The Man' - 'Stanley Martin Lieber'

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Favorite Characters
Apocalypse (Marvel)
Apocalypse (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Ash (Army of Darkness)
Baroness (G.I. Joe)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Beast (Marvel)
Black Bishop (Marvel)(01-Harry Leland)
Black Canary (DC)(01 - Dinah Drake-Lance)
Black Canary (DC)(02 - Dinah Laurel Lance)
Black Cat (Marvel)
Black Cat (Marvel)(Mangaverse)
Black Cat (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Black King (01 - Sebastian Shaw)
Black Queen (01 - Phoenix Force)
Black Widow (Marvel)(02 - Natalia Romanova)
Black Widow (Marvel)(Ultimate)(01 - N. Romanova)
Blade (Marvel)
Braddock (Marvel)(Ultimate), Betsy
Cable (Marvel)
Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
Carnage (Marvel)
Chameleon (Marvel)
Cheetah (DC)(03 - Barbara Minerva)
Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)(01 - Unknown)
Colossus (Marvel)(03 - Piotr Rasputin)
Cover Girl (G.I. Joe)
Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
Dark Phoenix (Marvel)
The Darkness (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(Jackie)
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
Dazzler (Marvel)(02 - Alison Blaire)
Destro (01 - James McCullen Destro XXIV)
Doctor Doom (Marvel)(01 - Victor Von Doom)
Doctor Octopus (Marvel)(01 - Otto Octavius)
Doctor Strange (Marvel)(02 - Stephen Strange)
Dr. Mindbender (G.I. Joe)
Duke (G.I. Joe)
Enchantress (Marvel)(01 - Amora)
Executioner (Marvel)(03 - Skurge)
Falcon (G.I. Joe)
Fandral the Dashing (Marvel)
Fire (DC)
Firestar (Marvel)
Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West)
Frost (Marvel), Emma Grace
Gambit (Marvel)
Ghost Rider (Marvel)(02 - Johnny Blaze)
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Oliver Queen)
Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan)
Green Lantern (DC)(04 - John Stewart)
Green Lantern (DC)(05 - Kyle Rayner)
Grey-Summers (Marvel), Jean
Hawk (G.I. Joe)
Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton)
Hawkgirl (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Shiera Hall)
Hela (Marvel)
Hercules (Marvel)
Hobgoblin (Marvel)(03 - Jason Macendale)
Hogun The Grim (Marvel)
Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
Human Torch (Marvel)(02 - Johnny Storm)
Huntress (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Helena Bertinelli)
Iceman (Marvel)
Invisible Woman (Marvel)
Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
Jabba The Hutt
Jade(-Skywalker), Mara
Jinx (G.I. Joe)
Joker (DC)(Post-Crisis)(01 - 'Jack')
Jubilee (Marvel)
Juggernaut (Marvel)(01 - Cain Marko)
Killer Frost (DC)(02 - Louise Lincoln)
Kilowog (DC)
Kingpin (Marvel)(01 - Wilson Fisk)
Kraven the Hunter (Marvel)(01 - Sergei Kravinoff)
Lady Jaye
Lady Sif (Marvel)
Lizard (Marvel)
Lumiya (Star Wars)
Madame Hydra (Marvel)(01 - Ophelia Sarkissian)
Magneto (Marvel)
Martian Manhunter (DC)
Marvel Girl (Marvel)(01 - Jean Grey)
Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde)
Miho (Sin City)
Mr. Fantastic (Marvel)
Mr. Sinister (Marvel)
Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers)
Mysterio (Marvel)(01 - Quentin Beck)
Nightcrawler (Marvel)
Odin (Marvel)
Palpatine/Darth Sidious
Phoenix (Marvel)(04 - Jean Grey)
Power Girl (DC)
Professor X (Marvel)
Psylocke (Marvel)
Punisher (Marvel)
Red Skull (Marvel)(01 - Johann Schmidt)
Rhino (Marvel)(01 - Aleksei Sytsevich)
Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
Sandman (Marvel)
Scarlet Spider (Marvel)(01 - Ben Reilly)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
Scarlett (G.I. Joe)
Secura, Aayla
Serpentor (G.I. Joe)
Sgt. Slaughter (G.I. Joe/WWF)
She-Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Jennifer Walters)
Shocker (Marvel)(01 - Herman Schultz)
Silver Fox (Marvel)
Skywalker, Luke
Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
Solo, Han
Spider-Girl (Marvel)(01 - May Parker)
Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
Spider-Woman (Marvel)(01 - Jessica Drew)
Spider-Woman (Marvel)(02 - Julia Carpenter)
Stargirl (DC)(02 - Courtney Whitmore)
Storm (Marvel)(01 - Ororo Munroe)
Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe)
Thing (Marvel)
Thor (Marvel)(01 - Thor Odinson)
Ti, Shaak
Tigra (Marvel)
Valkyrie (Marvel)(01 - Brunnhilde)
Venom (Marvel)(01 - Eddie Brock)
Ventress, Asajj
Vision (Marvel)(02 - Synthozoid)
Vixen (DC)
Volstagg the Voluminous (Marvel)
von Strucker (Marvel), Baron Wolfgang
Voorhees, Jason
Vulture (Marvel)(02 - Adrian Toomes)
Warbird (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers)
Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne)
White Queen (Marvel)(02 - Emma Frost)
Wild Bill (G.I. Joe)
Witchblade (Top Cow)(Pre-Rebirth)(01- Sara)
Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
Wolverine (Marvel)(Mangaverse)
Wolverine (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Wonder Man (Marvel)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Diana)
Zatanna (DC)

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