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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Batman: The Golden Age O...
  2. The Golden Age of Batman...
  3. The Greatest American Co...
  4. The Unauthorized Lampoon...
  5. Political Power: Rush Li...
  6. G.I. Joe Cobra World War...
  7. Ghostbusters Annual (201...
  8. Justice League The Darks...
  9. Justice League The Darks...
  10. The Mighty Thor (2016)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Kathy Palin
  2. Rocky Walters
  3. J.B. Fernandes
  4. Andrew Hoffmann
  5. Christian Patchell
  6. Neil Paniry
  7. M. T. Quach
  8. Ian Ally-Seals
  9. Peter Hannan
  10. Nick Cross
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Reuse
  2. Loup Noir
  3. Couik
  4. Manitou (Marvel)(02 - de...
  5. Chairman (Top Cow)(Rebir...
  6. Chairwoman (Top Cow)(Reb...
  7. Ballistic (Top Cow)(Rebi...
  8. Reyna, Martin
  9. Hassan, Nadeen
  10. Kraye (Marvel), Paul
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Favorite Creators
Adams, Arthur 'Art'
Adams, Neal
Beck, Clarence Charles - 'C.C. Beck'
Bradbury, Ray
David, Peter Allen - 'PAD'
Effinger, George Alec
Eisner, William Erwin 'Will'
Ellison, Harlan Jay
Ennis, Garth
Furman, Simon
Gaines, William 'Bill' Maxwell
García-López, José Luis
Hama, Larry
Johns, Geoff
Kirby, Jack 'King'
Kraft, David Anthony
Lansdale, Joe R.
Layton, Bob Sr.
Maggin, Elliot S!
Maguire, Kevin
Moore, Alan - 'Curt Vile / Jill Deray / The Original Writer'
Morrison, Grant
O'Neil, Dennis 'Denny'
Ostrander, John
Pérez, George
Romita, John Sr.
Senior, Geoff
Shaw!, Scott
Simonson, Walter
Steranko, Jim
Thomas, Roy
Toth, Alex
Truman, Timothy ''Tim''
Wildman, Andrew
Wood, Wallace 'Wally'

TransGoJoeBot has 9 ratings

Favorite Characters
Animal Man (DC)
Ash (Evil Dead / Army of Darkness)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Blue Beetle (DC) (02 - Ted Kord)
Bueno Excellente
Captain Boomerang (DC)(01 - George Harkness)
Captain Britain (Marvel)(01 - Brian Braddock)
Captain Marvel (DC)(Earth-S - Fawcett)
Cybermen (from Mondas)
Daleks (various)
Darkseid (DC)
Darth Vader
Deadshot (DC)
Doc Savage
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(01)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(02)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(03)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(04)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(09)
The Doctor (Doctor Who)(10)
Doctor Fate (DC)(01 - Kent Nelson & Nabu)
Flint (G.I. Joe)
Fury (Marvel), Nicholas Joseph 'Nick'
Green Lantern (DC)(01 - Alan Scott)
Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan)
Jones (Marvel), Richard 'Rick'
Kenobi, Obi-Wan
Kolchak, Carl
Lightray (DC)
Martian Manhunter (DC)
Mr. Miracle (DC)(02 - Scott Free)
Mr. Tawky Tawny
Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
Nemesis (DC) (01 - Tom Tresser)
Optimus Prime (Transformers)
Orion (DC)
Peacemaker (01 - Christopher Smith)
The Phantom (04)
Phantom Stranger (DC)
Rickles, Don
Rip Hunter, Time Master
Sandman (DC)(01 - Wesley Dodds)
The Shadow
Solo, Han
The Spirit
Tinker (We3)
Vigilante (DC)(01 - Greg Sanders)

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