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Missing Cover (Thumbnail) in Uncanny X-Men   (1963)
Search for 'Uncanny X-Men' on eBay

Number of issues: 71

Issue   Issue Name   Variant Name
Annual 15     (Newsstand Edition)
TPB   From The Ashes...  (1st print)
TPB   The Dark Phoenix Saga  (3rd Edition. Second Printing 2013)
TPB   The Uncanny X-Men in Days of Future Past  (4th Printing)
TPB   The Dark Phoenix Saga  (6th Printing)
TPB   From The Ashes...  (Second Printing)
96   Night of the Demon!  (UK Edition)
150   I, Magneto...  (Dynamic Forces Edition of 2,000 copies signed by Joe Rubistein)
152   The Hellfire Gambit  (Newsstand Edition)
174   Romances  (Newsstand Edition)
181   Tokyo Story  (Newsstand Edition)
183   He'll Never Make Me Cry  (Newsstand Edition)
184   The Past... of Future Days  (Newsstand Edition)
186   Lifedeath  (Dynamic Forces Edition of 600 copies signed by Barry Windsor-Smith)
186   Lifedeath  (Newsstand Edition)
187   Wraithkill!  (Newsstand Edition)
188   Legacy of the Lost  (Newsstand Edition)
193   Warhunt 2  (Newsstand Edition)
195   It Was A Dark and Stormy Night...!  (Newsstand Edition)
198   Lifedeath: From the Heart of Darkness  (Newsstand Edition)
204   What Happened to Nightcrawler?  (Newsstand Edition)
205   Wounded Wolf  (Newsstand Edition)
211   Massacre  (Newsstand Edition)
216   Crucible  (Newsstand Edition)
220   Unfinished Business  (Newsstand Edition)
221   Death by Drowning!  (Newsstand Edition)
222   Heartbreak!  (Newsstand Edition)
223   Omens & Portents  (Newsstand Edition)
226   Go Tell the Spartans  (Newsstand Edition)
230   'Twas the Night...  (Newsstand Edition)
232   Earthfall  (Newsstand Edition)
233   Dawn of Blood  (Newsstand Edition)
234   Glory Day  (Newsstand Edition)
237   Who's Human?  (Newsstand Edition)
239   Vanities  (Newsstand Edition)
242   Burn!  (Newsstand Edition)
244   Ladies' Night  (Newsstand Edition)
250   The Shattered Star  (Newsstand Edition)
252   Where's Wolverine?!?  (Newsstand Edition)
253     (Newsstand Edition)
254   All-New, All-Different -- Here We Go Again!  (Newsstand Edition)
255   Crash & Burn  (Newsstand Edition)
257   I Am Lady Mandarin  (Newsstand Edition)
260   Star 90  (Newsstand Edition)
261   Harriers Hunt  (Newsstand Edition)
262   Scary Monsters  (Newsstand Edition)
264   Hot Pursuit  (Newsstand Edition)
266   Gambit (Out of the Frying Pan)  (Newsstand Edition)
267   Nanny (Into the Fire)  (Newsstand Edition)
270   The X-Tinction Agenda: First Strike  (Newsstand Edition)
272   Capital Crimes  (Newsstand Edition)
273   Too Many Mutants! or Whose House is This Anyway?  (Newsstand Edition)
276   Double Death  (Newsstand Edition)
278   The Battle of Muir Isle  (Newsstand Edition)
282   Payback  (Newsstand Edition)
283   Bishop's Crossing  (Newsstand Edition)
287   Bishop to King's Five!  (Newsstand Edition)
289   Knots  (Newsstand Edition)
295   Familiar Refrain  (Direct edition)
299   Nightlines  (Newsstand Edition)
302   Province  (Direct Edition)
304   ...For What I Have Done  (Newsstand Edition)
305   The Measure of the Man  (Newsstand Edition)
308   Mixed Blessings  (Newsstand Edition)
315   Peers  (Newsstand Edition)
381   Night of Masques  ((Dynamic Forces Variant Signed))
395   Useless Beauty  (Newsstand Edition)
423   Holy War, Part 1 of 2  (Misprint Version)
423   Holy War, Part 1 of 2  (Regular Price Version)
537   Breaking Point: Part Three  (Dynamic Forces Signed Edition)
543     (Marvel Architects Sketch Variant)

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