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Warheads   (1992)
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Publisher: Marvel UK (Marvel)

Publication Date: January 1992 - August 1993

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


This information is taken from internal Marvel UK documentation written by Warheads editor John Freeman.

Warheads: Origins

In the early 1980s Ranulph Haldane, the most accomplished Techno-Wizard on the MyS-TECH Board, made a major breakthrough in his researches. While studying Chaos theory, he found a similarity between computer-generated fractal patterns and ancient Druidic maps showing ley-line configurations across the Earth. By superimposing the two, he located energy-nodes on the Earth’s surface that were the key to opening tiny holes to anywhere -- which he called Wormholes.

The exploration of the holes became a matter for mercenaries, armed with special defence and offense equipment, designer-made by MyS-TECH’s occult-science laboratories. For the mercenaries, known as Warheads, the chances of long-term survival are minimal, but the rewards could be astronomic. A cut of the profits is assured to any team returning with comme-rcially exploitable artifacts. Some of the weapons found on earlier expeditions were adapted for use by later Warhead teams.

When the Warheads enter a Wormhole they are instantly transported to another part of creation with very little idea - and even the wrong idea - of what it will be. This could mean instant annihilation in the center of a sun, or riches beyond mention from landing in a future laboratory. The lore of the Warheads is full of wonderful and horrific tales of great riches and terrifying deaths... as well as other more chilling apocryphal tales of the dreadful transformations that can happen to group members during a ‘Big Jump’.

The individual group members have various reasons for becoming Warheads. A few overcome their fear for the lure of unimaginable riches. Others are gamblers, hooked on the buzz they get from playing for ultimate stakes - their lives. Some are combat veterans who live for conflict... but whatever the reasons, few Warheads live to make more than a handful of ‘Big Jumps’.

Number of issues cataloged: 14

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  August 1993
  The Quick and The Dead
  July 1993
  June 1993
  Mys-Tech Wars 6/10: Hell's A City...
  Mys-Tech Wars
  May 1993
  March 1993
  The Dream Trap Part Two
  February 1993
  The Dream Trap Part One
  January 1993
  Killing Ground
  December 1992
  Killing Ground
  November 1992
  Cat and Mouse
  October 1992
  War Worlds
  September 1992
  Alien Nightmare!
  August 1992
  July 1992
  June 1992

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