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Spanner's Galaxy   (1984)
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Publisher: DC Comics

Publication Date: December 1984 - May 1985

Country: United States

Language: English

This mini-series ended on a cliffhanger and has not been heard from since its ambiguous ending. Well, almost unheard of. The phrase, "What is spanner's galaxy?" does appear on a piece of paper on the floor of Rip Hunter's laboratory in 52 #6.
Some collectors refer to this as a maxi-series, and some a mini-series. The confusion is understandable since DC couldn't make up their minds either. Five of the issues are labelled as "6 Part Mini-Series", but issue #3 refers to itself as being part of a "maxi-series". Not that it makes much difference. Six issues is six issues.
As a Crisis-straddling event that takes place in the future from the main bulk of DC's output, it's unclear from its text alone whether Galaxy was a pre- or post-Crisis title. However as it was referenced in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe Update '87, it would appear to technically be a post-Crisis title (even though it ended when COIE #2 was published).
Galaxy is the holder of an obscure comic book "first". It was the first book published using World Color's then-new Flexographic press. This press used water-, and not oil-, based inks. This made the colors much more vibrant, on the same paper, than the previous process. However, this process also emphasized color separation registration errors. It also used rubber plates, meaning that pages printed late in a particular run were of obviously lower quality than those printed earlier in the run.

The process was abandoned mere months later after fan and staff complaints over the loss of detail on Crisis on Infinite Earths #1.

Number of issues cataloged: 11

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  The Man in the Marconium Mask
  May 1985
  The Night of the Butcher
  April 1985
  The Belly of the Whale
  March 1985
  Soul in Bondage
  February 1985
  Icy Rivers, Cold Death
  January 1985
  December 1984

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