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Doctor Who   (1984)
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Publisher: Marvel

Publication Date: October 1984 - August 1986

Country: United States

Language: English

A short-lived comic published in America celebrating the British television show, Doctor Who. The title character is sort of not a title character, in that no one actually calls him, "Doctor Who", but, rather more simply, "The Doctor". He is a Time Lord who travels through time and space via his space-craft, the TARDIS. He has no super powers, as such, but does have a number of "super human" qualities. Chief among these are his genius-level intellect and his ability to "regenerate". "Regeneration" was a concept devised in 1966 to allow the aging actor who then played the role a way to exit the show, and yet still be able to continue. Basically, the Doctor can live a very long (though not infinite) time, because as his body wears down or encounters irresolvable trauma, it will "die", but be resurrected in a totally different form.

Hence, you will see two very different people on the covers. Unlike, say, Starman, who has a "legacy" carried on by different people throughout the decades, the Doctor has many different bodies, but they're alll the same person.

Of note about this particular series is that the publication dates don't mesh with the the actor who was currently playing the part in initial broadcast in England. At the time of issue #1's publication, the actor drawn on the cover had departed the role about three years previously. Indeed, at no time did the comic feature a "current" Doctor on its cover--though the current Doctor was eventually intrviewed by the title's staff.

The reason for this odd time lapse probably had everything to do with the fact that the book was being sold and marketed to Americans, who, due to the patchwork way the show was broadcast on public television stations, were much more familiar with the two actors featured on the covers than they ever were with the "current-in-England" actors.

The other reason that the comic featured so-called "past Doctors" was that it was comprised of entirely reprinted adventures, with only a few, mostly text pages containing "new" material. To make it appeal more to the American audiences, though, the original black-and-white panels were colored. Subsequent re-printings of these stories, most notably in Panini's line of graphic novels, have restored these stories to their original black-and-white foundations.

Number of issues cataloged: 23

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  An Unearthly Child (The U...
  August 1986
        Voyage to the Edge of the...
        Lunar Lagoon
  The Fires Down Below
  July 1986
        Skywatch 7
        The Stockbridge Horror
  The Gods Walk Amongst Us
  June 1986
        Skywatch 7
        The Stockbridge Horror
  The Greatest Gamble
  May 1986
        The Outsider (Doctor W...
        The Stockbridge Horror
  The Outsider (Doctor W...
  April 1986
        The Touchdown on Deneb 7
        Stars Fell on Stockbridge
  Twilight of the Silurians
  March 1986
        The Tides of Time
  Crisis on Kaldor
  February 1986
        Devil of the Deep
        The Tides of Time
  The Ship of Fools
  January 1986
        The Tides of Time
  The Tides of Time
  December 1985
        Business as Usual
  The Neutron Knights
  November 1985
        Black Legacy
        The Fabulous Idiot
        A Ship Called Sudden Deat...
  Yonder . . . the Yeti
  October 1985
        Junkyard Demon
  Star Tigers II
  September 1985
        End of the Line
        The Free-Fall Warriors
  Star Tigers II
  August 1985
        End of the Line
        The Deal (Doctor Who)
  Star Tigers
  July 1985
        War of the Words
  The Life Bringer
  June 1985
        Star Tigers
  The Collector
  May 1985
        Abslom DaakóDalek Killer
        Dreamers of Death
  Abslom DaakóDalek Killer
  April 1985
        Dragon's Claw
  Abslom DaakóDalek Killer
  March 1985
        Dragon's Claw
  Warlord of the Ogrons
  February 1985
        The Time Witch
  The Stolen TARDIS
  January 1985
        The Dogs of Doom
  Throwback: The Soul of a ...
  December 1984
        The Final Quest
        The Dogs of Doom
  Throwback: The Soul of a ...
  November 1984
        The Star Beast
  The Star Beast
  October 1984
        The Return of the Daleks ...

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