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Aliens   (1992)
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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics International

Publication Date: July 1992 - March 1994

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Volume Two of Aliens magazine.

24 issues were intended, but only 21 were published due to the series' second publisher, Trident, entering bankruptcy.

Features serialized reprints of:
Aliens: Hive (1992)
Predator: Cold War (1991)
Aliens: Newt's Tale (1992)
Aliens: Colonial Marines (1993) (Unfinished reprinting due to cancellation)
Aliens: Tribes (1992)
Predator: Rite of Passage (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #1-2)
Aliens: Horror Show (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #3-5)
Aliens: Backsplash (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #12-13)
Aliens: Cargo (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #15-16)
Aliens: Taste (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #11)
Renegade (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #1-2)
Aliens: Salvation (1993)
Aliens: Alien (Dark Horse Comics (1992) #17-18) (Unfinished reprinting due to cancellation)
Martha Washington’s War Diary: April 16, 2012 (Dark Horse Presents (1986) Fifth Anniversary Special)
And an unknown at this time AvP story.

The second volume also features some original comic stories:
Aliens: Sacrifice by Peter Miligan and illustrated by Paul Johnson (Later reprinted in a one-shot)
Aliens: Crusade by Michael Cook and illustrated by Christian Gorny (The final chapter was never published due to cancellation)

A graphic novella, Aliens: Matrix, by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Chris Halls was intended for issue #23 but remains unpublished/incomplete.

Number of issues cataloged: 9

Number of users with this title in their pull list: 1

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  February 1994
  August 1993
  July 1993
  January 1993
  December 1992
  October 1992
  September 1992
  August 1992
  July 1992

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