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Movie Classic   (1962)
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Publisher: Dell

Publication Date: May/Jul 1962 - 1970

Country: United States

Language: English

This is a somewhat "invented" title. In truth, each issue was published as a one shot, and came out roughly when the movie of the same name did. Despite the fact that these are essentially one-shots, convention amongst those who collect these issues is that they're all generally grouped together under the only words that appeared on the cover of all issues, Movie Classic. This "title" is consistently seen across a wide variety of referential and common usages, including The Overstreet Price Guide, the Michigan State University comic library, auction listings, specialized fan sites, and many comic review sites.

Cracking the code
Despite the wide usage of the term, "Movie Classic", there is great justification for viewing each issue of this "series" as a one-shot within its own title. In the first place, no issue bears an indicia which includes the words, "Movie Special". The titles given in each indicia are particular to the issue in question. Indeed, the strange numbering system on each cover reveals that they were clearly one-shots.

Each number is given in terms of an eight digit code: PP-TTT-YMM.

The first two digits had to do with the price. If the issue cost 15, it got the code "01". If it cost 12, then it got the code "12".

The next three digits were a numeric code based upon the title of series. This code was relative to the title's position in the alphabet. Hence Zulu was given the relatively high number of "950", while Around the World Beneath the Sea got the much lower "030". Titles beginning with letters of the alphabet between "A" and "Z" got numbers in between.

The final three digits were coded for the last digit of the year, plus two digits for the month. Therefore, a number ending in 010 would have been released in October, 1970.

When looked at in full, The Prince and the Pauper's code of 01-654-207 thus meant "a 15 issue with a title beginning with the letters "PRI" whose last month of release was July 1962."

Since the system applied across all Dell titles, the implication of no two issues of Movie Classic having the same title code is that they should be considered as separate titles.

However, this code was so deliberately obscure that most collectors weren't aware of its meaning until scholarship long after Dell stopped publishing. Thus, the words "Movie Classic" seen on every cover gave rise to a tradition of grouping these issues together. It is that tradition, more than strict indicia accuracy, that we respect here.

The series' run
Beginning and ending dates for this title are speculative and incomplete. Finding the complete list of everything that could be considered a part of this title is difficult, because of the ephemeral nature of these issues; they were tie-ins to movies that, generally, led to no further comic stories. Indeed many of the films that received treatment here are now themselves mostly forgotten.

Four Color "Movie Classics" vs. Movie Classics
Just to add to the confusion, Dell released a number of issues of Four Color with the words "Movie Classic" on the cover. However, Four Color Movie Classics are distinguishable from this series by a difference in the way the words "Movie Classic" appear on the cover. If the issue is a Four Color Movie Classic, the words "Movie Classic" appear in somewhat stylized type within the Dell logo box. If they're a part of the Movie Classic series, they appear elsewhere on the cover, in a simple sans serif font.

Also, the numbering system is different. Four Color Movie Classics are in the format XXXX-YYY, whereas "genuine" Movie Classics have the format PP-TTT-YMM. (For Four Color Movie Classics, this XXXX-YYY format is truncated to just XXXX on the cover, whereas the cover number for Movie Classics is the full PP-TTT-YMM code.)

Number of issues cataloged: 41

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  Aug/Oct 1964
  The Wolfman
  Jun/Aug 1963
  War-Gods of the Deep
  Jul/Sep 1965
  Two on a Guillotine
  Apr/Jun 1965
  6 Black Horses
  January 1963
  Ski Party
  September 1965
  Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
  March 1966
  Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven
  September 1963
  Operation Bikini
  October 1963
  None But the Brave
  Apr/Jun 1965
  The War Wagon
  Sep/Nov 1967
  December 1966
  The Masque of the Red Death
  Aug/Oct 1964
  Mad Monster Party
  September 1967
  Lion of Sparta
  Jan/Feb 1963
  The Incredible Mister Limpet
  August 1964
  January 1963
  The Hallelujah Trail
  February 1966
  The Great Race
  March 1966
  Mar/May 1963
  Ensign Pulver
  Aug/Oct 1964
  Howard Hawk's El Dorado
  October 1967
  Dr. Who and the Daleks
  December 1966
  The Dirty Dozen
  October 1967
  David Ladd's Life Story
  Oct/Dec 1962
  October 1967
  Creature from the Amazon
  Dec/Feb 1963
  Circus World
  Sep/Nov 1964
  Cheyenne Autumn
  Apr/Jun 1965
  The Castilian
  Nov/Jan 1964
  The Cat
  December 1966
  Beach Blanket Bingo
  September 1965
  The Battle of the Bulge
  June 1966
  Around the World Under the Sea
  December 1966
  The Valley of Gwangi
  December 1969
  The Three Stooges Meet Hercules
  August 1962
  Ring Of Bright Water
  October 1969
  Walt Disney's The Prince and the Pauper
  May/Jul 1962
  The Horizontal Lieutenant
  October 1962

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