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In the aftermath of X-tinction Agenda, a boat carrying a group of mutants and mutates arrived in Manhattan. They had been refused entrance at 4 countries' shores and upon landing in America they were told that the Genoshan situation had been diffused and the country was now safe for mutants and mutates alike. However, not willing to trust the government that, according to them was just trying to be rid of them, they refused to leave the harbor so the government-run strike force X-Factor was called in to handle the situation. With X-Factor's help, along with Jenny Ransome and Philip Moreau, the media dubbed X-Patriots were allowed to stay in the country temporarily while their status was sorted out. While out on an escorted outting to the city one of their members was brutally beaten in Central Park.

During the confusion of the X-cutioner's Song and Xavier's brutal attack, the X-Patriots knocked out the Multiple Man dupe that had been left to watch them and escaped from the hospital where their injured friend Taylor was being treated.

Following the X-cutioner's Song (and some much needed rest and therapy for the team), the X-Patriots resurfaced in Upstate New York when they took an entire hospital hostage and demanded treatment for Taylor (who was not recovering well from his brutal beating). The local authorities called in mutant bounty hunter Random to capture them and a battle between X-Factor and Random ensued. After paying off Random with a government check, Havok agrees to have X-Factor accompany the X-Patriots back to Genosha as a show of good faith that things there had changed.

Upon arrival both groups are greeted by the new Genoshan President and Sasha Ryan (the new Genegineer). the X-Patriots leader Prodigal was offered a position in the new Genoshan government as a liason of sorts for the mutates as their voice in the new government. In the following chaos of the mutate epidemic (which turned out to be the Legacy Virus) and the subsequent takeover of Genosha by Magneto, the X-Patriots are lost in the shuffle and never heard from again

Their membership consisted of Prodigal, Pirouette (Jobeth), Taylor, and Lukas as well as several other unnamed mutates refugees.

An image for Lukas exists Lukas
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What If...? (1989)
X-Factor (1986)

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