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    Galactic Empire (First)
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The successor government to the Galactic Republic in the Star Wars galaxy. Declared into existence by then-Chancellor Palpatine. It apparently attained its foundational legitimacy by voice vote of the last Senate of the Old Republic. This act immediately conferred the title of "Emperor" onto the Chancellor. He then continued, but only arguably accelerated, his plans to transfer power from the senate to regional governors. This put an increasing amount of power into the hands of executives, rather than legislators, effectively ending democracy.

The Galactic Empire survived for a comparatively brief period of about 3 decades--if you believe, as the novelization of Return of the Jedi makes clear, the Empire died when the Emperor did.

However, as much of the Expanded Universe were written between the production of Episode VI and Episode I, there's a substantial body of fiction written without knowledge of the events of Episode I-III. Consequently, most writers from 1983-2005 needed to disregard Lucas' apparent intent that Return of the Jedi spell the end of the Empire; otherwise, they would have very little to write about. Many books, and comic adaptations of them, thus postulate a much later, and more complicated, demise of the Empire.

In Star Wars circles the fate of the Empire is as hotly contested--and confusing--as, say, the impact of the Crisis of Infinite Earths on the DC Universe. Because Lucasfilm has made the standard of continuity "it's good if a film doesn't contradict it", the basic issue in determing whether a comic or book is in-canon is a matter of personal perspective. The Thrawn trilogy, for instance, has had a pretty big impact on the nature of the post-ROTJ Empire. Beyond simple comic adaptations of the triology, Dark Horse has published several off-shoots--all of which, obviously, depend upon Thrawn proper being in-canon. Unfortunately, many careful observers of the complete prequel trilogy can now easily pick apart Thrawn on the basis of observations of Palpatine's greatly-expanded role in the prequel trilogies. Thus, for some people, whole sections of Dark Horse's Star Wars catalog are, in the light of the prequels, out of canon--mostly because their portrayal of the Empire and/or Emperor doesn't mesh with what they see in the prequel trilogies.

Some Star Wars chronologists suggest that this group is most completely referred to as "The First Galactic Empire", with the Second Empire starting with the return of the cloned Emperor in the pages of Dark Empire, and ending with his final death shortly thereafter. This makes some sense, as Empires generally do require an Emperor--and no one other than the Emperor was ever unanimously named Emperor after him (though there were many pretenders). Nevertheless, this database will make no effort to truly distinguish between the various (often speculative) permutations of the Empire-after-Palpatine. We at value our sanity too much for that. We call it "The First Galactic Empire" simply because that's what Palpatine called it in Revenge of the Sith.

Having said that, if there is an unambiguous contender for the Second Empire (as opposed to a mere rebirth of the First Empire) it's the one that features in the pages of Dark Horse's Legacy series.

Admiral Droon
Admiral Griff
An image for Admiral Trommer exists Admiral Trommer
An image for Agent Blackhole exists Agent Blackhole
Ambassador Jollie
An image for Mas Amedda exists Mas Amedda
Ensign Merri Barlin
An image for Colonel Bircher exists Colonel Bircher
An image for Senator Braxis exists Senator Braxis
An image for Major Shira Elan Colla Brie exists Major Shira Elan Colla Brie
Captain Styles
Cass (Star Wars)
Commander Cody
An image for Commander Bly exists Commander Bly
Commander Grey
Commander Vill
Captian Conro
An image for D-4R5 exists D-4R5
An image for Darth Vader exists Darth Vader
An image for Commandant Deenlark exists Commandant Deenlark
An image for Jok Donassius exists Jok Donassius
An image for Admiral Durril exists Admiral Durril
Lerr Duvat
An image for Juno Eclipse exists Juno Eclipse
An image for Galen Walton Erso exists Galen Walton Erso
Bin Essada
Governor Estorn
An image for Commander Faro exists Commander Faro
Baron Soontir Fel
An image for Moff Ghadi exists Moff Ghadi
An image for Governor Grigor (Star Wars) exists Governor Grigor (Star Wars)
An image for Grammel exists Grammel
An image for Grand Inquisitor (Star Wars) exists Grand Inquisitor (Star Wars)
An image for Grand Moff Lynch exists Grand Moff Lynch
An image for Agent Gudry exists Agent Gudry
Lieutenant Gulin
An image for Loka Hask exists Loka Hask
An image for Commodore Idel exists Commodore Idel
An image for Ishin Il-Raz exists Ishin Il-Raz
An image for Armand Isard exists Armand Isard
An image for Ysanne Isard exists Ysanne Isard
An image for Mara Jade(-Skywalker) exists Mara Jade(-Skywalker)
Jake (Star Wars)
An image for Jakeeb exists Jakeeb
An image for K-2SO exists K-2SO
An image for K3PX exists K3PX
An image for Commander Kai exists Commander Kai
An image for Kallus exists Kallus
An image for Kir Kanos exists Kir Kanos
An image for Commander Karbin exists Commander Karbin
An image for Admiral Kinshara exists Admiral Kinshara
An image for Orson Krennic exists Orson Krennic
An image for Kugg exists Kugg
An image for Layneo exists Layneo
An image for Kirtan Loor exists Kirtan Loor
An image for Lumiya (Star Wars) exists Lumiya (Star Wars)
An image for General Crix Madine exists General Crix Madine
An image for Lieutenant Mettic exists Lieutenant Mettic
Sly Moore
Conan Antonio Motti
An image for O-66 exists O-66
An image for Lieutenant Oon-Ai exists Lieutenant Oon-Ai
An image for Leia Organa(-Solo) exists Leia Organa(-Solo)
An image for Overseer Aggadeen (Star Wars) exists Overseer Aggadeen (Star Wars)
An image for Kendal Ozzel exists Kendal Ozzel
An image for Captain Parck exists Captain Parck
An image for Lanu Pasiq exists Lanu Pasiq
An image for Commander Pasqual exists Commander Pasqual
An image for Sate Pestage exists Sate Pestage
An image for Firmus Piett exists Firmus Piett
An image for Arihnda Pryce exists Arihnda Pryce
An image for Sarcev Quest exists Sarcev Quest
Admiral Quist
Governor Restos
An image for Captain Rossi exists Captain Rossi
An image for Sergeant Sadist exists Sergeant Sadist
Seth (Star Wars)
An image for Captain Shan exists Captain Shan
An image for Rae Sloane exists Rae Sloane
Jorin Sol
An image for Ssaria exists Ssaria
An image for Janek Sunber exists Janek Sunber
An image for Cassio Tagge exists Cassio Tagge
Orman Tagge
An image for Wilhuff Tarkin exists Wilhuff Tarkin
An image for Terex exists Terex
An image for Inspector Thanoth exists Inspector Thanoth
An image for Grand Admiral Thrawn exists Grand Admiral Thrawn
An image for Tremayne exists Tremayne
An image for Ranulf Trommer exists Ranulf Trommer
An image for Eli Vanto exists Eli Vanto
Maximillian Veers
Governor Wistran
Wullf Yularen
An image for Captain Zarda exists Captain Zarda
An image for Commander Zhou exists Commander Zhou

= Image available

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