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The leader of the Dreadnoks is a man named Zartan. Believed to have had European military academy training, he was hired as an espionage agent for the evil terrorist group (and main antagonist of the saga's series) called COBRA. He is a master of disguise through masks, make-up, holograms and hypnosis, as well as ventriloquism and linguistics (20 languages and dialects). Another special trait only he is known to have is the ability to change the color of his skin to blend in with his background through genetic manipulation experiments. As a side effect to the gene splicing, he is allergic to sunlight, which throws off his camouflage ability. As well, he is a highly skilled martial artist, and is a master of the bow.

There were originally three Dreadnoks under Zartan's lead, destructive bikers that spent their days terrorizing people and destroying property, they were hired with the promise of easy money. They are known as Buzzer (Richard Blinken-Smythe, a.k.a. Dick Blinken), a former left-wing Cambridge sociologist; Torch (Tom Winken), an inarticulate Borstal reform school kid turned Merchant Marine; and the meanest of them all, Ripper (Harry Nod), a Tasmanian criminal with a record that goes back to his youth.

Later the ranks grew with the addition of Monkeywrench and Thrasher. Monkeywrench (Bill Winkie) had spent his recent years building explosive devices for terrorist groups in Rhy, North Wales, and Thrasher was a spoiled middle class kid with destructive tendencies, who built and piloted the Dreadnoks Thunder Machine. Zartan's sister, Zarana, and brother, Zandar also joined. Like her brother, Zarana is a skilled impersonator while Zandar is a master of stealth and camouflage. Near the end of the first series of G.I. Joe toys and comic books, the pirate Zanzibar (Morgan Teach), the enforcer Road Pig (Donald DeLuca), and a poacher known only as Gnawgahyde were also added. The Dreadnoks were equipped with many unique vehicles, most of which were built from scavenged parts. This included the Thunder Machine, the Swampfire, and the Air Skiff.

The Dreadnoks have resurfaced in the second series of G.I. Joe comic books published by Devil's Due. The gang now operates throughout many states, with many, many more members. During the years after G.I. Joe was disbanded and Cobra defeated, the Dreadnoks began to grow. Zartan and his gang spread to over 50 cities in the United States. The main body, which is under the command of Zartan, is the Florida chapter, nicknamed the Florida Noks.

An image for Burn Out (Dreadnoks) exists Burn Out (Dreadnoks)
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Buzzer (G.I. Joe)(IDW)
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An image for Heart-Wrencher exists Heart-Wrencher
An image for Monkeywrench (G.I. Joe) exists Monkeywrench (G.I. Joe)
An image for Ripper exists Ripper
Ripper (G.I. Joe)(IDW)
An image for Road Pig (G.I. Joe) exists Road Pig (G.I. Joe)
An image for Thrasher (G.I. Joe) exists Thrasher (G.I. Joe)
An image for Torch (G.I. Joe) exists Torch (G.I. Joe)
An image for Zandar exists Zandar
An image for Zanya exists Zanya
An image for Zanzibar (G.I. Joe) exists Zanzibar (G.I. Joe)
An image for Zarana (G.I. Joe) exists Zarana (G.I. Joe)
An image for Zartan (G.I. Joe) exists Zartan (G.I. Joe)

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Action Force (1987)
Classic G.I. Joe (2009)
G.I. Joe (2001)
G.I. Joe (2005)
G.I. Joe and The Transformers (1987)
G.I. Joe Dreadnoks: Declassified (2006)
G.I. Joe Special Missions (1986)
G.I. Joe Special Missions: The Enemy (2007)
G.I. Joe Yearbook (1985)
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982)
G.I. Joe: European Missions (1988)
G.I. Joe: Frontline (2002)
G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte (2019)
G.I. Joe: Special Missions (2013)
The Transformers vs. G.I. Joe (2014)
Transformers/G.I. Joe (2003)

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