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    U.S. Government
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Catch-all group name for any character identifying with any part of the US Federal Government.

An image for John Adams exists John Adams
Agent Cee
Agent Elle
Agent En
Agent Jay (01)
Agent Jay (02)
Agent Kay
Agent Zed (Men In Black)
Ambassador Twillby
An image for George Herbert Walker Bush exists George Herbert Walker Bush
An image for George Walker Bush exists George Walker Bush
An image for James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter, Jr. exists James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter, Jr.
Hillary Clinton
An image for William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton exists William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton
An image for Brad Covington (DC)(Earth-1) exists Brad Covington (DC)(Earth-1)
Senator Joseph Cray
Davy Crockett (DC)
Senator Warren Eden
An image for Dwight  David Eisenhower exists Dwight David Eisenhower
An image for King Faraday (DC)(Post-Crisis) exists King Faraday (DC)(Post-Crisis)
King Faraday (non-continuity)
An image for King Faraday (Pre-Crisis) exists King Faraday (Pre-Crisis)
An image for Gerald Ford exists Gerald Ford
An image for Ghost Rider (Magazine Enterprises) exists Ghost Rider (Magazine Enterprises)
John Herschel Glenn
An image for Oscar Goldman exists Oscar Goldman
An image for Ulysses S. Grant exists Ulysses S. Grant
An image for Rutherford B. Hayes exists Rutherford B. Hayes
J. Edgar Hoover
An image for Senator Hume exists Senator Hume
An image for Thomas Jefferson exists Thomas Jefferson
An image for Lyndon Baines Johnson exists Lyndon Baines Johnson
Major Grace Kasaba
Edward 'Ted' Moore Kennedy
An image for John Fitzgerald Kennedy exists John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Robert 'Bobby' F. Kennedy
Felix Leiter (James Bond)
Lemonade Kid
An image for Abraham Lincoln exists Abraham Lincoln
An image for Miss Victory (01 - 40's) exists Miss Victory (01 - 40's)
An image for Richard Milhous Nixon (general) exists Richard Milhous Nixon (general)
Sally Norris
An image for Barack Hussein Obama exists Barack Hussein Obama
Franklin Pierce
President (USA) (1940s Earth-S)
An image for James Danforth 'Dan' Quayle exists James Danforth 'Dan' Quayle
An image for Ronald Wilson Reagan exists Ronald Wilson Reagan
Red, White, and Blue (DC)
Bart Regan (Earth-2)
An image for Franklin Delano 'FDR' Roosevelt exists Franklin Delano 'FDR' Roosevelt
An image for Peter Joseph 'Pete' Ross (DC)(Post Crisis) exists Peter Joseph 'Pete' Ross (DC)(Post Crisis)
An image for Harry S. Truman exists Harry S. Truman
Claudius Tull
An image for Amanda Waller (DC) exists Amanda Waller (DC)
An image for George Washington (general) exists George Washington (general)
Doris West (DC)

= Image available

Action Comics (1938)
Economix (2012)
Economix (2013)
Hydrogen Bomb Funnies (1970)
More Fun Comics (1936)
Rückkehr vom Planet der Schweine (1993)
Superman (1939)
The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog (2013)
The Big Lie (2011)
Wildcats Version 3.0 (2002)
Wonder Woman (1942)
World's Finest Comics (1941)

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