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    Vicious Circle
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An image for Anarchy exists Anarchy
Angry Ivan
Animal (Highbrow)(01 - Unknown)
An image for Animal (Highbrow)(02 - Cyril/Ferris Wilson) exists Animal (Highbrow)(02 - Cyril/Ferris Wilson)
Armor (Highbrow)
Artillery (Highbrow)
An image for Assassin (Highbrow) exists Assassin (Highbrow)
Baby Boom (Highbrow)
Baby Face
Baby Killer
An image for Bad Axe (Highbrow) exists Bad Axe (Highbrow)
An image for Bagman (Highbrow) exists Bagman (Highbrow)
Bandit (Highbrow)
An image for Basher (Highbrow) exists Basher (Highbrow)
Battle Bat
Beezel Bub
An image for Big Fish exists Big Fish
An image for Bloop exists Bloop
An image for Bludgeon (Highbrow) (02 - Charlie Robinson) exists Bludgeon (Highbrow) (02 - Charlie Robinson)
Blue Broad
Blue Chuck
Blue Demon
Blue Don
An image for Bodycount exists Bodycount
An image for Brain-O exists Brain-O
An image for Brainiape (Highbrow) exists Brainiape (Highbrow)
Brainwave (Highbrow)
An image for Brawn (Highbrow) exists Brawn (Highbrow)
An image for Brute (Highbrow) exists Brute (Highbrow)
An image for Bud Ugly exists Bud Ugly
An image for Bug (Highbrow) exists Bug (Highbrow)
Bug Guy
Bulldozer (Highbrow)
An image for Abner Cadaver exists Abner Cadaver
An image for Carcass (Highbrow) exists Carcass (Highbrow)
Carmella Toad
Catfish Jackson
Caveman (Highbrow)
An image for Chaos & Control exists Chaos & Control
Charlie Triumph
Chrome Dome
An image for Climax exists Climax
An image for Cutthroat (Highbrow) exists Cutthroat (Highbrow)
An image for Cyberface exists Cyberface
An image for Dart (Highbrow)(02 - Alison Summers) exists Dart (Highbrow)(02 - Alison Summers)
An image for Dataman exists Dataman
Dead Guy (Highbrow)
An image for Deathmask (Highbrow) exists Deathmask (Highbrow)
Demolisher (Image)(01 - Unknown)
An image for Detonator (Highbrow) exists Detonator (Highbrow)
An image for Devastator (Highbrow) exists Devastator (Highbrow)
Devil Doug
Domestic Violet
Double Paige
An image for DoubleHeader (Highbrow) exists DoubleHeader (Highbrow)
An image for Download (Highbrow) exists Download (Highbrow)
An image for Dung exists Dung
An image for Easter Bunny exists Easter Bunny
An image for Evil Eye (Highbrow) exists Evil Eye (Highbrow)
An image for Fever (Highbrow) exists Fever (Highbrow)
Firebolt (Savage Dragon)
An image for Firepower (Highbrow) exists Firepower (Highbrow)
An image for Fishface (Highbrow) exists Fishface (Highbrow)
An image for Flaptrap exists Flaptrap
Flatline (Highbrow)
Frogman (Highbrow)
An image for Furious George exists Furious George
Fusion (Highbrow)
Gasser (Highbrow)
An image for Gateway (Highbrow) exists Gateway (Highbrow)
An image for GlowBug exists GlowBug
An image for The Gossip exists The Gossip
Gripe (Highbrow)
Grunt (Highbrow)
An image for H.U.B.E.R.T. (Image) exists H.U.B.E.R.T. (Image)
An image for Hardware (Highbrow) exists Hardware (Highbrow)
Hazard (Highbrow)(01 - Unknown)
Hazard (Highbrow)(02 - Unknown)
An image for HellRazor (Highbrow) exists HellRazor (Highbrow)
Hilda Heimlich
An image for Imposter exists Imposter
Inadequate Lightning
Indigo Hugh
An image for Inferno (Highbrow) exists Inferno (Highbrow)
Insect (Highbrow)
Iron Jaw (Highbrow)
An image for Johnny Nitro exists Johnny Nitro
Jolt (Highbrow)
Donna Justice
Nick Justice
Killer Commando
Killer Whale
An image for Killzone exists Killzone
Larry Lucifer
An image for Lightning Bug (Highbrow) exists Lightning Bug (Highbrow)
LiveWire (Highbrow)
An image for LowBlow exists LowBlow
An image for Mace (Highbrow) exists Mace (Highbrow)
An image for Major Disaster (Highbrow) exists Major Disaster (Highbrow)
An image for Mako (Highbrow) exists Mako (Highbrow)
Mane Man
An image for Megatech exists Megatech
Melvin Mouse
An image for Mindwarp (Highbrow) exists Mindwarp (Highbrow)
Misfit (Highbrow)
Moe Hawkins
Morbid (Highbrow)
Mountain Man (Highbrow)
Mr. Faces
An image for Nuke Rage exists Nuke Rage
An image for Octopus exists Octopus
An image for OpenFace exists OpenFace
Oracle (Highbrow)
Orange Hulk (Highbrow)
An image for Overlord (Image)(01 - Antonio Seghetti) exists Overlord (Image)(01 - Antonio Seghetti)
Overlord (Image)(02 - Vic Nixon)
Pinky Pete
Plague (Highbrow)
An image for Powerhouse (Highbrow) exists Powerhouse (Highbrow)
Pucker (Highbrow)
Pug Fugly
An image for Quill (Highbrow) exists Quill (Highbrow)
An image for Raging Woody exists Raging Woody
Raptor (Highbrow)
Rat Bastard
An image for Ravish exists Ravish
An image for Rawdog exists Rawdog
An image for Razz exists Razz
Red Menace (Highbrow)
Red Rage (Highbrow)
An image for Redneck (Highbrow) exists Redneck (Highbrow)
Rhinoceros (Highbrow)
An image for Roadblock (Highbrow) exists Roadblock (Highbrow)
Rocky Rogue
Rogue Warrior
Rotgut (Highbrow)
An image for Roughneck exists Roughneck
Ruby Friday
Samurai (Highbrow)
An image for Santa Claus (Highbrow) exists Santa Claus (Highbrow)
Savage Andy
Schemer (Highbrow)
Screaming Lola
An image for Sea King (Highbrow) exists Sea King (Highbrow)
Seductress (Highbrow)
An image for Shard (Highbrow) exists Shard (Highbrow)
Sid Hideous
An image for SkullFace exists SkullFace
An image for Slab (Highbrow) exists Slab (Highbrow)
Sourpuss (HIghbrow)
Spectacular Dragon (Highbrow)
An image for Squid (Highbrow) exists Squid (Highbrow)
An image for Strongarm (Highbrow) exists Strongarm (Highbrow)
An image for Sub-Human exists Sub-Human
An image for Super-X exists Super-X
An image for Tech (Highbrow)(01 - Unknown) exists Tech (Highbrow)(01 - Unknown)
Tech (Highbrow)(02 - Unknown)
An image for Throwaway Dork exists Throwaway Dork
Thunder-Head (Highbrow)
Tigress (Highbrow)
Torment (01 - Unknown)
Tumor (Highbrow)
Ugly Johnny
An image for Ultimatum exists Ultimatum
An image for Undermind exists Undermind
An image for Vandal (Highbrow) exists Vandal (Highbrow)
An image for Vein exists Vein
Victorious (Highbrow)
Virus (Highbrow)
An image for Volcanic exists Volcanic
An image for War Hawk (Highbrow)(Vicious Circle) exists War Hawk (Highbrow)(Vicious Circle)
An image for Warfare (Highbrow) exists Warfare (Highbrow)
Warren Pieces
Warrior (Highbrow)
An image for Washout (Highbrow) exists Washout (Highbrow)
An image for Weed (Highbrow) exists Weed (Highbrow)
White Trash
An image for Wildhair exists Wildhair
An image for Wreckage (Highbrow) exists Wreckage (Highbrow)
Yellow Streak
Yellow Trevor

= Image available

Badrock (1995)
Freak Force (1997)
Hero Illustrated Special Edition (1993)
Hit Comics (1998)
Image United (2009)
Mighty Man (2004)
Savage Dragon (1993)
Superman & Savage Dragon: Chicago (2002)
Superpatriot (1993)
Superpatriot: America's Fighting Force (2002)
Superpatriot: War on Terror (2004)
The Dragon (1996)
The Savage Dragon (1992)
The Savage Dragon/Destroyer Duck (1996)

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