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    The Beyonders
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The Beyonders are a race of omnipotent beings that exist beyond all known forms of reality,space, and time they had studied countless universes for billions if not trillion's of years they conducted a multiverse after multiverse experiments throughout existence itself. They had created pocket dimensions for their babies some were Kubik,Sharper of worlds and even the Beyonder where their energy will keep them cubed and later sentient once a being over users their infinite reality warping powers. But as stated they were more curious than a cat they had gotten bored of creation after having warping everything to its limits after everything has been done so they had created a universe bomb in each and every reality to where they would set them off instantaneously and watch as the multiverse and the omniverse Be destroyed but their plans were interrupted. It first started with the builders trying to stop the incursions which were started by the Beyonders but without a chance they were all slaughtered by just one. Hank Pym was their on a destroyed ship part as he watched the celestials get killed in every each universe and then later they slaughtered eternity,infinity,lord chaos,master order, and the in-betweener but they were looking for the bigger fish as the multiverse taken form the living tribunal would stand in front of them they proceeded to attack the 2nd to God killing him and his body laying in the moon. Later when Hank had returned he would tell his group about what he witnessed and explained it to them that the beyonder was just a "Child unit" and that he crushed a universe into a toy but the Beyonders were destroying universes and that they weren't playing a game telling them they were doing all this on a whim. As Their plans go under Dr.Doom and the avengers as Thor,Hyperion, and starband started to challenge these gods and as two stands before them as Thor attacks one of them. The beyonder attacks back as he ripped off his arm and when his comrade was mysterious turned into a tree and when this occurs Hyperion steps in front of Thor to blast the last beyonder but a act that goes into without effect as the beyonder tells him "Foolish creature....i create suns...and I destroy them what makes you any different?" As he cause Hyperion to go blind but before this Starbrand was stabbed by this beyonder and without controlling the power within his body he realized it causing the "Death" of this entity and as Thor and Hyperion tries to rest they were visited by an entire fleet of beyonders where some where able to regenerate killing them both (Note: Them dying is just for plot.) and leaving the realm to be sealed. Later on the beyonders plans would be interrupted again by Dr.Doom.

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Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha (2016)
New Avengers (2013)
Secret Wars (2015)
The Avengers (1963)
West Coast Avengers (1985)

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