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    Team 7 (Wildstorm)
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Team 7 was the seventh incarnation of a US Special Operations unit run by International Operations (I.O.), whose members are made up of the finest and best military operatives gathered from various military special forces units. The unit's main purpose was to safeguard the United States' national security abroad. Each member of the unit had a distinguishing red identification mark painted on their face.

Team 7 received its orders from I.O. Director, Miles Craven. With a multitude of Meta-human teams appearing around the world, Craven wanted his own private army of superhumans to rival Youngblood, so Project: Genesis was born. A substance called the Gen-factor, which is one of the sources of superhuman powers, was discovered by Dr. Simon Tsung who also worked on the project. He would later leave after discovering Craven's own plans for the use of the Gen-factor.

Dr. Tsung's work was continued by Gabriel Newman. After several failed experiments, the first successful application of the Gen-factor was the exposure of Team 7 to the substance, effectively giving each team member special abilities and powers to some degree. After an incident in which Craven wanted to test the true abilities of the team, they went into hiding except for John Lynch and Michael Cray, the latter would spend time in a military prison. Team 7 would finally disband and go into hiding again several years later after discovering Craven's keen interest in the team members' children. These children would later become part of the two teenage superhuman groups, Gen13 and Dv8.

Andrew Johnson (Wildstorm)
Arclight (Wildstorm)
An image for Backlash (Wildstorm)(01- Marc Slayton) exists Backlash (Wildstorm)(01- Marc Slayton)
Boloround (Wildstorm)
An image for Bulleteer (Wildstorm) exists Bulleteer (Wildstorm)
An image for Cyberjack exists Cyberjack
An image for Deathblow exists Deathblow
An image for Grifter (Wildstorm)(01 - Cole Cash) exists Grifter (Wildstorm)(01 - Cole Cash)

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Coup D'Etat: Afterword (2004)
Crossover Classics (1991)
Deathblow (1993)
Gen13 (1995)
Stormwatch: P.H.D. (2007)
Team 7 (1994)
Team 7: Dead Reckoning (1996)
Team 7: Objective: Hell (1995)
Team X/Team 7 (1996)
The Authority (2008)
WildCats (2008)
Wildstorm Halloween '97 (1997)
Wildstorm Revelations (2008)
Wildstorm Universe 97 (1996)
Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook (1995)
Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years (2017)
Wildstorm: After the Fall (2010)

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