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    Thieves Guild (Marvel)
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he Thieves Guild of New Orleans was set up at the same time as the Assassins Guild by the External Candra, and acted as her private thieves, paying tithe to her every seven years in order to gain the Elixir of Life. They also hunted for anything pertaining to the 'Old Kingdom', which was part of their distant past and their future according to the Guild Prophecies.

Eventually they broke away from Candra, growing tired of the games that she was playing with them, although they still follow the Guild Prophecies to a certain extent. It was these prophecies that led to Jean-Luc LeBeau, former Guildmaster, to step down and hand the Guild over to Remy.

Little is known about the actual workings of the Guild, although there is a Guildmaster and a Council who make decisions concerning the Guild. The Council is made up of one member from each 'family' within the Guild. The Guild is largely a patriarchal society, however recently things have started to change, with both Mercy LeBeau and Zoe Ishihara gaining a larger role within things.

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Henri LeBeau
Jacques LeBeau
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Belize Marceaux
Rouler Marceaux
Theoren Marceaux
Minister Hoard (Marvel)
Minister Tome (Marvel)
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The Adventures of the X-Men (1996)
X-Men Origins: Gambit (2009)
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants Saga (2010)

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