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    Enforcers (Marvel)
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The Enforcers are a group of hired assassins and extortionists that aid various employers in the takeover of New York's criminal gangs. The original group consisted of Big Man, Ox, Fancy Dan and Montana.

They were known as the toughest criminals in the East Coast, a formed trio that offered their services within the criminal underground as hired mercenaries, assassins, or whatever required job that pays good money for their services. With each member displaying a unique difference from each other, together they became an unrelenting force as a team that relies on strength, speed, and skill. Apparently the group is organized by Fancy Dan (Daniel Brito) who specializes Judo and has proclaimed himself the fastest combat fighter because of his small size and skills. Assisting Dan is Montana (Jackson W. Brice) who specializes his skills on using a lariat as formidable weapon and Ox (Raymond Bloch) who’s remarkably strong, tough, and slow-witted.

The Enforcers are a group of hired assassins and extortionists that aid various employers in the takeover of New York's criminal gangs. The original group consisted of Big Man, Ox, Fancy Dan and Montana. Big Man and the Enforcers try to take over New York's criminal underworld and force other gangs to join his crime syndicate. Big Man and the Enforcers encounter Spider Man but would be eventually defeated. The Enforcers would also join forces with the Green Goblin and try to eliminate Spider Man but that would prove unsuccessful. They also joined forces with the Sandman at one point but were defeated by the combined forces of Spider Man and the Human Torch.

The Enforcers would often come into conflict with Spider Man and Daredevil. The original Big Man would be eventually unmasked and killed. The original Ox appears to be killed and replaced by his twin brother Ronald Bloch when the Enforcers are hired by the Lightmaster. That group is defeated by Spider Man and they also battle Dazzler at one point. The Enforcers would later return with new members, Snake Marston (a master contortionist and Hammer Harrison) a boxer who uses steel plated gloves as weapons. This group is hired by the Kingpin but is defeated by Spider Man and a reformed Sandman. This same group would come together one other time to battle Daredevil.

The original Ox (Raymond Bloch) returns when he is revived by the Kingpin. It is unclear whether it is Raymond or Ronald Bloch that appear with Montana and Fancy Dan in subsequent battles with Spider Man and She Hulk. During the events of Civil War, members of the Enforcers including Ox and Snake Marston are recruited by the Thunderbolts. The Enforcers would later reunite and join forces with Larry Cranston as Mister Fear where they would clash with the Hood's syndicate and Daredevil. The Enforcers are taken in by the Hood's syndicate after Mr Fear is arrested.

First appearance: The Amazing Spiderman #10

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Frederick Foswell
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