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Year of the Villain
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Issues (95):
Aquaman (2016) Annual 02
Aquaman (2016) #50
Aquaman (2016) #51
Aquaman (2016) #52
Aquaman (2016) #53
Batman & the Outsiders (2019) #3
Batman & the Outsiders (2019) #4
Batman & the Outsiders (2019) #5
Batman & the Outsiders (2019) #6
Batman & the Outsiders (2019) #7
Black Adam: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Black Mask: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Catwoman (2018) #14
Catwoman (2018) #15
Catwoman (2018) #16
Catwoman (2018) #17
DC's Year of the Villain Special (2019) #1
Deathstroke (2016) #45
Deathstroke (2016) #46
Deathstroke (2016) #47
Deathstroke (2016) #48
Deathstroke (2016) #49
Detective Comics (1937) #1008
Detective Comics (1937) #1009
Detective Comics (1937) #1011
Detective Comics (1937) #1012
Detective Comics (1937) #1013
Detective Comics (1937) #1014
The Flash (2016) #76
The Flash (2016) #77
The Flash (2016) #78
The Flash (2016) #79
Harley Quinn (2016) #63
Harley Quinn (2016) #64
Harley Quinn (2016) #65
Harley Quinn (2016) #66
Hawkman (2018) #14
Hawkman (2018) #15
Hawkman (2018) #16
Hawkman (2018) #17
Hawkman (2018) #18
Hawkman (2018) #19
The Infected: Deathbringer (2020) #1
The Infected: King Shazam (2020) #1
The Infected: Scarab (2020) #1
The Joker: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Justice League (2018) #25
Justice League (2018) #27
Justice League (2018) #28
Justice League (2018) #29
Justice League (2018) #30
Justice League (2018) #31
Justice League (2018) #32
Justice League (2018) #33
Justice League (2018) #34
Justice League (2018) #35
Justice League (2018) #36
Justice League Dark (2018) #13
Justice League Dark (2018) #14
Justice League Dark (2018) #15
Justice League Dark (2018) #16
Justice League Dark (2018) #17
Justice League Odyssey (2018) #12
Justice League Odyssey (2018) #13
Justice League Odyssey (2018) #14
Lex Luthor: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Nightwing (2016) #62
Nightwing (2016) #64
Nightwing (2016) #65
Red Hood: Outlaw (2018) #36
Red Hood: Outlaw (2018) #37
Red Hood: Outlaw (2018) #38
Red Hood: Outlaw (2018) #40
The Riddler: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Sinestro: Year of the Villain (2019) #1
Supergirl (2016) #32
Supergirl (2016) #33
Supergirl (2016) #34
Supergirl (2016) #35
Supergirl (2016) #36
Supergirl (2016) #37
Superman (2018) #13
Teen Titans (2016) #34
Teen Titans (2016) #35
The Terrifics (2018) #18
The Terrifics (2018) #19
The Terrifics (2018) #20
The Terrifics (2018) #21
The Terrifics (2018) #22
Wonder Woman (2016) #76
Wonder Woman (2016) #77
Wonder Woman (2016) #78
Wonder Woman (2016) #79
Wonder Woman (2016) #80
Wonder Woman (2016) #81

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Ace the Bat-Hound (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ra's al Ghul (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Amazo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Android)
Animal Man (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Anti-Monitor (DC)
Anti-Monitor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Antiope (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Aphrodite (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Appa Ali Apsa (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Aquagirl (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Aqualad (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Jackson Hyde)
Aquaman (DC)(One Million)
Aquaman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Aquawoman (DC)(Earth 11 - Reverse Gender)
Isabel Ardila
Atlas (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Atom (DC)(01 - Al Pratt)
Atom (DC)(One Million)
Atom (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(03 - Choi)
Atomic Skull (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Atrocitus (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Azrael (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Jean-Paul Valley
Barry (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Adeline Kane's husband
Bat-Mite (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Batgirl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Batman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(01-Terry McGinnis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-19 - Gotham by Gaslight)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)(03-Grayson)
Batman (DC)(future Damian Wayne)
Batman (DC)(One Million)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Bruce Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-17 - Dystopia)
The Batman Who Laughs
Batwoman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Batzarro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Beast Boy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Big Barda (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Bizarro (DC)(Earth-29 - Bizarroverse)
Bizarro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Adam (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Canary (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Lightning (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Manta (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Mask (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Black Orchid (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Blackfire (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Blue Beetle (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Kord)
Blue Beetle (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Reyes)
Blue Devil (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Blue Scarab (DC)(Generation Lost future)
Booster Gold (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Boyzarro (DC)(Earth-29 - Bizarroverse)
Brainiac (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Brainiac 5 (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mary Bromfield (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Brother Blood (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Jurok Byss
Veronica Cale (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Isadore Cale
Captain Atom (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Captain Carrot
Captain Cold (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Captain Gall
Catman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Catwoman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Selina Kyle)
Chameleon Boy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Cheetah (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Eugene Choi (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Circe (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Colossal Boy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Commander Cold (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Commander Drogue
Condiment King (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Jonathan 'John' Constantine (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Cosmic Boy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Crush (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Cyborg (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Darkseid (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02)
The Dawnbreaker
Deadshot (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Deathstorm (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Deathstroke (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Brenda Del Vecchio (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Detective Chimp (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
The Devastator (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Dex-Starr (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Disposable Man
Djinn (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Doctor Fate (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Nassour)
Doctor Fate (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02-Nelson)
Doctor Ikon
Doctor Midnite (DC)(Earth-16 - The Just)
The Drowned
Darla Dudley (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Eclipso (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Kalaa)
Jor - El (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Element Dog
Enchantress (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Etrigan the Demon (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Fate (DC)(Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
Figment Girl
Firestorm (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(05 - Raymond/Stein
Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
Flash (DC)(27th Century/One Million)(John Fox)
Flash (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Allen)
Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Ho)
Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Future)
Fleet Admiral Tyyde
The Flood
Lucius Fox (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Freddy Freeman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Nora Fries (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
General Zod (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Gentleman Ghost (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Girder (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Gizmo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
James Gordon (DC)(Earth-19 - Gotham by Gaslight)
James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Gorilla Grodd (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - O. Queen)
Green Lantern (DC)(01 - Alan Scott)
Green Lantern (DC)(Batman Beyond)(02 - Kai-Ro)
Green Lantern (DC)(Earth-20 - Pulp Heroes)
Green Lantern (DC)(Kingdom Come)(01 - Alan Scott)
Green Lantern (DC)(Kingdom Come)(02 - Jade)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Jordan)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Gardner)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(03 - Stewart)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(04 - Rayner)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(05 - Baz)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(06 - J. Cruz)
Harley Quinn (DC)(Old Lady Harley)
Harley Quinn (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hawkgirl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Saunders)
Hawkman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Carter Hall)
Arla Hax
Heat Wave (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hecate (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hippolyta (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hourman (DC)(03 - Android)
Hourman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hourman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-2)
Natasha Irons (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ishmael (DC)
Professor Anthony Ivo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Jericho (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Johnny Quick (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Kaliber (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Kamandi (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-51 - Kirby)
Adeline Kane-Wilson (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Katana (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Kid Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Wally R. West
Klarion (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Z'ndr Kol
Krypto (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Lois Joanne Lane (DC)(Post Crisis)
Leviathan (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Lightning Lad (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Lobo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Fake)
Lobo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Real)
Lock-Up (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Loiz (DC)(Earth-29 - Bizarroverse)
Lex Luthor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Lionel Luthor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Alexander Luthor, Jr. (DC)(Earth-3 - Pre Crisis)
Maggie (DC)
Mammoth (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)
Man-Bat (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - K. Langstrom)
Manitou Dawn (Post Flashpoint)
Martian Keep (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Martian Manhunter (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Marvel (DC)
Mera (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
The Merciless
Metamorpho (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Miss Martian (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Monitor (DC)
Monitor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Renee Maria Montoya (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mr. Freeze (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mr. Terrible (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mr. Terrific (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mrs. Terrific (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
The Murder Machine
Mxyzptlk (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Myand'r (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mystery (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Nabu (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Nightstar (Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
NoBody (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)(01 - Morgan Ducard)
Nubia (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ocean Master (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Offspring (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Onomatopoeia (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Orion (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Orphan (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Paco Ortiz (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Owlman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Owlwoman (DC)(One Million)
Papa Midnite (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Pedro Peņa (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Penguin (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Phantom Girl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Linnya)
Philippus (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Plastic Man (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Poseidon (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Power Girl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Karen Starr)
Power Ring (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Hal Jordan)
Sharon Quinzel
Sofia Ramos
Rao (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Raptor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ravager (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Rose Wilson)
Raven (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Red Arrow (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
The Red Death (DC)(Dark Knights)
Red Hood (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Jason Todd)
Red Lion
Red Robin (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Bianca Reyes (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Riddler (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Robin (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Damian Wayne)
Roundhouse (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ben Rubel
Sandman (DC)(01 - Wesley Dodds)
Saturn Girl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Shade, The Changing Man (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Shado (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Shadow Lass (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Shadow Thief (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Carl Sands
Shazam (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Billy Batson)
Shimmer (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)
Signal (DC)
Sinestro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Richard Sionis (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Six of Hearts
Solomon Grundy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Spoiler (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Sapphire Stagg (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Simon Stagg (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Starfire (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Starman (DC)(01 - Ted Knight)
Starman (DC)(08 - Thom Kallor)
Starman (DC)(One Million)
Starman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Will Payton)
Starro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Suzie Su
Superboy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(03 - Jon S. Kent)
Supergirl (DC)(Injustice)
Supergirl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Superman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Superman (DC)(Earth One - Post Crisis)
Superman (DC)(Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
Superman (DC)(Earth-23)
Superman (DC)(Earth-30 - Red Son)
Superman (DC)(One Million)
Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent)
Superwoman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-3)
Swamp Thing (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Holland)
Swerve (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Onimar Synn (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Talon (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(William Cobb)
Tar Pit (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Teekl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Shayera Thal (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Thor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Thunderer (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-7)
Willis Todd (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Jason Peter Todd
The Top (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Traci 13 (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Steve Howard Trevor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Triplicate Girl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Donna Troy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Tula (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)
Turtle (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Ultraman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Upside-Down Man
Lara Lor - Van (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Vandal Savage (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Rosa Vasquez
Victor Vasquez
Dr. Arthur Villain (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Vixen (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Nuidis Vulko
War (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Ares)
Warhawk (DC)
Bruce Wayne (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Martha Wayne (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Thomas Wayne (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Wildcat (DC)(01 - Ted Grant)
Wildfire (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Wingman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02)
William Randolph Wintergreen (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Witchfire (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Just Imagine Stan Lee)
Wonder Woman (DC)(One Million)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Jason Woodrue (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
World Forger
Maseo Yamashiro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Rogol Zaar
Zatanna (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Zatara (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Bat-Mite (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Bruce Wayne)
Brainiac (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Captain Atom (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Cheetah (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Flash (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Allen)
Gorilla Grodd (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(03 - Stewart)
Hawkgirl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Saunders)
Lex Luthor (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Martian Manhunter (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mera (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Mxyzptlk (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Sinestro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Starman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Will Payton)
Starro (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent)
Amanda Blake Waller (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
World Forger
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