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Rise and Fall
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Issues (14):
Green Arrow [I] (2010) #31 (Variant Cover)
Green Arrow [I] (2010) #31
Green Arrow [I] (2010) #31 (2nd Printing)
Green Arrow [I] (2010) #32
Justice League of America (2006) #43 (Variant Cover)
Justice League of America (2006) #43
Justice League: Rise And Fall (2011) HC
Justice League: The Rise & Fall Special (2010) #1
Justice League: The Rise & Fall Special (2010) #1 (Variant Cover)
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (2010) #1 (Mike Mayhew Variant)
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (2010) #1
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (2010) #2
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (2010) #3
Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (2010) #4

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Americommando (DC)(Earth-8 - Extremists)
Apollo (Wildstorm)
Aquaman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01-Arthur 'Orin' Curry)
Atom (DC)(02 - Ray Palmer)
Atom (DC)(Earth-11 - Reverse Gender)
Atom-Smasher (DC)(02 - Al Rothstein)
Bat Mage (DC)(Earth-33 - Mystic Earth)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Batman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(01-Terry McGinnis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-43 - Red Rain)
Batman (DC)(Earth-44 - Metal Men)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Dick Grayson)
Batwoman (DC)(Earth-11 - Reverse Gender)
Beast Boy (DC)(01 - Gar Logan)
Black Bird (DC)(Earth-33 - Mystic Earth)
Black Canary (DC)(02 - Dinah Laurel Lance)
Black Condor (DC)(Earth-10 - Nazi Earth)
Blue Beetle (DC)(Earth-4 - Charlton)(Kord)
Blue Jay
Captain Atom (Silver/Bronze Age)
Captain Marvel (DC)(Earth-5 - Marvel Family)
Captain Marvel Jr. (DC)(Earth-5 - Marvel Family)
Cheetah (DC)(03 - Barbara Minerva)
Cheshire (DC)
Congorilla (DC)
Cyborg (DC)
Damage (DC)
Doctor Fate (DC)(08 - Kent V. Nelson)
Doctor Impossible
Doctor Light (DC)(04 - Kimiyo Hoshi)
Doctor Mid-Nite (DC)(03 - Pieter Anton Cross)
Doll Man (DC)(Earth-10)
Electrocutioner (03 - Lester Buchinsky)
Caitlin Fairchild (Wildstorm)
Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West)
Flash (DC)(Earth-11 - Reverse Gender)
Flash (DC)(Earth-44 - Metal Men)
Flash (DC)(Earth-9 -Tangent)
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Oliver Queen)
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Connor Hawke)
Green Lantern (DC)(01 - Alan Scott)
Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan)
Green Lantern (DC)(Earth-11)(Reverse Gender)
Green Lantern (DC)(Earth-9 - Tangent)
Guardian (DC)(02 - Jim Harper Clone 1 [current])
Lian Harper
Hawkgirl (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Kendra Saunders)
Hourman (02 - Rick Tyler)
Hunter (DC) (02 - Webb)
Judomaster (03 - Sonia Sato)
Judomaster (DC)(Earth-4-Charlton)
Kid Flash (DC)(02 - Bart Allen)
Liberty Belle (DC) (02 - Jesse Chambers)
Martian Manhunter (DC)
Mary Marvel (DC)(Earth-5)
Maul (Wildstorm)
Mon-El (DC)(Earth-0)
Mr. America (03 - Jeff Graves)
Mr. Atom (02 - post-Crisis)
Mr. Majestic
Mr. Terrific (DC)(02 - Michael Holt)
Neon Black
Brian Nudocerda
Obsidian (DC)
Owlman (DC)(Earth-3 - Post Crisis)
Peacemaker (DC)(Earth-4-Charlton)
Plastique (DC)
Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley)
Power Girl (DC)
Prometheus (DC) (02 - JLA Villain)
Ravager (DC)(05 - Rose Wilson)
Raven (DC) (04 - Rachel Roth)
The Ray (Earth-10) (01 - Happy Terrill)
Red Arrow (DC)
Red Tornado (DC)(02 - Android)
Red Tornado (DC)(Earth-11 - Reverse Gender)
Shaggy Man (DC)(01)
Shazam (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Freddy Freeman)
Speedy (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Mia Dearden)
Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r)
Stargirl (DC)(02 - Courtney Whitmore)
Starman (DC)(03 - Mikaal Tomas)
Steel (DC)(03 - John Henry Irons)
Superboy (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Conner Kent)
Supergirl (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Kara Zor-El)
Superman (DC)(Earth-30 - Red Son)
Superman (DC)(Earth-44 - Metal Men)
Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent)
Superwoman (DC)(Earth-11 - Reverse Gender)
Superwoman (DC)(Earth-3 - Post Crisis)
Tender Mercy
Donna Troy
Ultraman (DC)(Earth-3 - Post Crisis)
Uncle Sam (DC)(Earth-10)
Vixen (DC)
Wildcat (DC)(01 - Ted Grant)
Wonder Girl (DC)(02 - Cassie Sandsmark)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Earth-44 - Metal Men)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Diana)
Zatanna (DC)
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