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Invincible War: Aftermath
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Issues (5):
Invincible (2003) #61
Invincible (2003) #62
Invincible (2003) #63
Invincible (2003) #64
Invincible (2003) #65

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Atom Eve
Amber Justine Bennett
Black Samson
Bolt (Skybound)
Bulletproof (Skybound)
Captain Cosmic
Claire Voyant
William Francis Clockwell
Commander Capitalism
Conquest (Skybound)
Cougar (Extreme)
Doc Rocket (02 - Rachel Richards)
Donald Ferguson
Deborah 'Debbie' Grayson
The Immortal
Invincible (Skybound)(01 - Mark Grayson)
Kid Thor
Knockout (Skybound)
Angstrom Levy
Rus Livingston
Mighty Man (02 - Ann Stevens)
Monster Girl
Angel Murphy/Dragon
Robot (Skybound)
Art Rosenbaum
Savage Dragon
Shaft (Extreme)
Rick Sheridan (Skybound)
D.A. Sinclair
Cecil Stedman
SuperPatriot (Image)
Troll (Extreme)
Adam Wilkins
Betsy Wilkins
Young Omni-Man
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