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Elseworlds Annual
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DC's 1994 Annual Event.

Issues (24):
Action Comics (1938) Annual 06
Adventures of Superman (1987) Annual 06
Batman (1940) Annual 18
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) Annual 04
Batman: Shadow of the Bat (1992) Annual 02
Catwoman (1993) Annual 01
Deathstroke the Terminator (1991) Annual 03
Detective Comics (1937) Annual 07
The Flash (1987) Annual 07
Green Lantern (1990) Annual 03
Justice League America (1989) Annual 08
Justice League International (1993) Annual 05
L.E.G.I.O.N. (1989) Annual 05
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) Annual 05
Legionnaires (1993) Annual 01
Lobo (1993) Annual 02
The New Titans (1988) Annual 10
Robin (1993) Annual 03
Steel (1994) Annual 01
Superboy (1994) Annual 01
Superman (1987) Annual 06
Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) Annual 03
Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories (1996) TPB
Team Titans (1992) Annual 02

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Batman (DC)(non-continuity)
Blue Beetle (DC) (Ted Kord - non-continuity)
Booster Gold (DC)
Brainiac 5 (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
Richard Francis Burton
Catwoman (DC)(non-continuity)
Changeling (DC) (non-continuity)
Joe Chill (DC)(non-continuity)
Clayface (DC)(non-continuity)
Deathstroke (DC)(non-continuity)
Doctor Light (04 - Kimiyo Hoshi)
Doctor Polaris (01 - Neal Emerson)
Jor- El (DC)(non-continuity)
Lara Jor- El (non-continuity)
Elongated Man (DC)(non-continuity)
Carol Ferris (non-continuity)
Fire (DC) (non-continuity)
Flash (DC)(non-continuity)(Barry Allen)
Floronic Man (non-continuity)
Ra's al Ghul (DC)(non-continuity)
James Gordon (DC)(non-continuity)
Richard 'Dick' Grayson (non-continuity)
Green Arrow (DC)(non-continuity)
Green Lantern (DC)(non-continuity)(02 - H. Jordan)
Green Lantern (DC)(non-continuity)(03 - G.Gardner)
Green Lantern (DC)(non-continuity)(04 - J.Stewart)
Guardian (DC)(non-continuity)
Hawkman (DC)(non-continuity)(Katar Hol)
Toyotomi Hideyori
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Jewel (DC)
Joker (DC)(non-continuity)
Joseph Rudyard Kipling
Lois Joanne Lane (DC)(non-continuity)
Lana Lang (non-continuity)
Leonardo da Vinci (general)
Lobo (DC)(non-continuity)
Lex Luthor (DC)(non-continuity)
Mad Hatter (DC) (non-continuty)
Martian Manhunter (DC)(non-continuity)
Metamorpho (Non-continuity)
Mona Lisa
NRG (DC)(Legion - 5 Years Later)
James 'Jimmy' Olsen (non-continuity)
Penguin (DC)(non-continuity)
Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(non-continuity)
Poison Ivy (DC)(non-continuity)
Power Girl (DC)(non-continuity)
Pulse (DC)
Queen Victoria
Riddler (DC)(non-continuity)
Robin (DC)(non-continuity)(Dick Grayson)
Scarecrow (DC) (non-continuity)
Steel (non-continuity - J.H. Irons)
Superboy (DC)(non-continuity)
Superman (DC)(non-continuity)
Tasmanian Devil (02 - post-Crisis)
Two-Face (DC)(non-continuity)
Vicky Vale (DC)(non-continuity)
Virus (DC)
Martha Wayne (non-continuity)
Thomas Wayne (non-continuity)
Wonder Woman (DC)(non-continuity)
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