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Age of Apocalypse
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After the events of Legion Quest, Xavier is killed rather than Magneto and the X-men are then lead under his guidance. Apocalypse successfully rules the world years later and the current X-men and Bishop from 616 must find a way to return back in time and stop Xavier's death in order to restore the correct reality. Once the main continuity was corrected, the AoA world still remained as an alternate reality.

Issues (96):
Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen (1995) #1
Amazing X-Men (1995) TPB vol. 01
Amazing X-Men (1995) #1
Amazing X-Men (1995) #2
Amazing X-Men (1995) #3
Amazing X-Men (1995) #4
Astonishing X-Men (1995) TPB vol. 01
Astonishing X-Men (1995) #1
Astonishing X-Men (1995) #2
Astonishing X-Men (1995) #3
Astonishing X-Men (1995) #4
Blink (2001) #1
Blink (2001) #2
Blink (2001) #3
Blink (2001) #4
Essential X-Men (1995) #25
Essential X-Men (1995) #25 (Wrapround Cover - Back)
Essential X-Men (1995) #26
Essential X-Men (1995) #27
Essential X-Men (1995) #28
Essential X-Men (1995) #29
Essential X-Men (1995) #30
Essential X-Men (1995) #31
Essential X-Men (1995) #32
Essential X-Men (1995) #33
Exiles (2001) TPB vol. 10
Exiles (2001) #60
Exiles (2001) #61
Factor-X (1995) TPB
Factor-X (1995) #1
Factor-X (1995) #2
Factor-X (1995) #3
Factor-X (1995) #4
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995) TPB
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995) #1
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995) #2
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995) #3
Gambit and the X-Ternals (1995) #4
Generation Next (1995) TPB vol. 01
Generation Next (1995) #1
Generation Next (1995) #2
Generation Next (1995) #3
Generation Next (1995) #4
Hulk: Broken Worlds (2009) TPB
Hulk: Broken Worlds (2009) #2
Marvel Riot (1995) #1
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men Age of Apocalypse 2005 (2005) #1
Tales From the Age of Apocalypse (1996) #1
Tales From the Age of Apocalypse (1996) #2
Weapon X (1995) TPB vol. 01
Weapon X (1995) #1
Weapon X (1995) #1 (2nd Printing)
Weapon X (1995) #1 (Marvel Legends)
Weapon X (1995) #2
Weapon X (1995) #3
Weapon X (1995) #4
What If? X-Men Age of Apocalypse (2007) #1
What If...? (1989) #81
X-Calibre (1995) TPB
X-Calibre (1995) #1
X-Calibre (1995) #2
X-Calibre (1995) #3
X-Calibre (1995) #4
X-Man (1995) Annual '96
X-Man (1995) TPB vol. 01
X-Man (1995) #-1
X-Man (1995) #1
X-Man (1995) #2
X-Man (1995) #3
X-Man (1995) #4
X-Man (1995) #53
X-Man (1995) #54
X-Men Chronicles (1995) #1
X-Men Chronicles (1995) #2
X-Men Omega (1995) #1
X-Men Prime (1995) #1
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) TPB
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #1
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #2
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #3
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #4
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #5
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (2005) #6
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot (2005) #1
X-Men: Alpha (1995) #1
X-Men: Alpha (1995) #1 (Second Printing)
X-Men: Dawn of the Age of Apocalypse (1995) TPB
X-Men: The Age Of Apocalypse Companion Omnibus (2014) Omnibus HC
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic (2005) TPB vol. 02
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic (2005) TPB vol. 04
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic (2005) TPB vol. 03
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic (2005) TPB vol. 01
X-Men: Twilight of the Age of Apocalypse (1995) TPB
X-Men: Year of the Mutants Collectors Preview (1995) #1
X-Universe (1995) #1
X-Universe (1995) #2

Characters appearing in this story arc ():
Absorbing Man (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Abyss (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Ace (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Ahab (Marvel)
Ahmyor (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Amazon (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Angel (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Apocalypse (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Arcade (Marvel)
Arcade (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Archangel (Marvel)
Arclight (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Artemis (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Aurora (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Avalanche (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Banshee (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Beak (Marvel)
Beak (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Beast (Marvel)
Bedlam (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)(01 - Terry)
Bedlam (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)(02 - Jesse)
Beef (Age of Apocalypse)
Bevatron (Age of Apocalypse)
Bishop (Marvel)(03 - Lucas Bishop)
Black Bolt (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Donald Blake (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Blastaar (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Blink (Marvel) (Age of Apocalypse)
Blob (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Boomer (Marvel)(01 - Tabitha Smith)
Bova (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Box (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Brian Braddock (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Brother Cain (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Brute (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Bullseye (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Cable (Marvel)
Caliban (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Callisto (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Candra (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Cannonball (Marvel)
Cannonball (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Captain America (Marvel)(Earth-93074)
Catseye (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Ch'od (Age of Apocalypse)
Chamber (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Tommy Chang (Marvel)
Lila Cheney (Age of Apocalypse)
Cloak (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Colossus (Marvel)(03 - Piotr Rasputin)
Colossus (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Valerie Cooper (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Dr. Valerie Cooper
Copycat (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Dr. Peter Corbeau (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Cr'reee (Age of Apocalypse)
Crystal (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
Cyclops (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
D'Ken (Age of Apocalypse)
Dagger (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Damask (Age of Apocalypse)
Carol Danvers (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Dazzler (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Dead Man Wade (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Death (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Deathbird (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Destiny (Age of Apocalypse)
Diablo (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Dirigible (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Doctor Doom (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman)
Domino (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Samantha DuPris
Gayle Edgerton
Empath (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Emplate (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Exodus (Marvel)
Exodus (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Fang (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Feral (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Firefist (Marvel) (02 - Rusty Collins)
Forge (Marvel)
Forge (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Emma Frost (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Gambit (Marvel)
Gambit (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Gateway (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Gideon (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Gladiator (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Gorgon (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Jeremy Graves (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Jean Grey (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Ben Grimm (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Grizzly (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Henry Peter Gyrich (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Gabrielle Haller
Hatchet-9 (Marvel)
Havok (Marvel)
Havok (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Hawkeye (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Hepzibah (Age of Apocalypse)
Hobgoblin (Age of Apocalypse)
Holocaust (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Husk (Age of Apocalypse)
Husk (Marvel)
Icarus (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Iceman (Marvel)
Iceman (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Impossible Man (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Impulse (Age of Apocalypse)
Jetstream (Age of Apocalypse)
Jonath (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Jubilee (Marvel)
Jubilee (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Karma (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Karnak (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Keeper Murdock (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Robert Kelly (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Misty Knight (Age of Apocalypse)
Stan 'The Man' Lee
Leech (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Legion (Marvel)
Charles Lehnsherr
Lockjaw (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Moira MacTaggert (Marvel)
Magik (Marvel)(Earth-4210 - Exiles)
Magma (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Magneto (Marvel)
Magneto (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Magnus (Marvel) (Exiles - Earth-27)
Mangle (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Marrow (Marvel)
Marrow (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Mastermind (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Medusa (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Mentor (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Mimic (Marvel) (Exiles - Earth-12)
Mondo (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Monet (Age of Apocalypse) (01- Claudette)
Monet (Age of Apocalypse) (02- Nicole)
Danielle 'Dani' Moonstar (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Morph (Exiles - Earth-1081)
Morph (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Multiple Man (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Mystique (Marvel)
Mystique (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Namora (Marvel)(Earth 2189 - Exiles)
Nanny (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Walter Newell (Age of Apocalypse)
Newt (Age of Apocalypse)
Nightcrawler (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Nightside (Age of Apocalypse)
Nocturne (Marvel)(05 - T.J. Wagner)
Northstar (Age of Apocalypse)
Omega Red (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Oracle (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Owl (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Phantazia (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Phoenix (Marvel)(04 - Jean Grey)
Donald Pierce (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Polaris (Marvel)
Polaris (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Professor X (Marvel)
John Proudstar (Age of Apocalypse)
Psylocke (Marvel)
Psylocke (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Pyro (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Quicksilver (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Douglas Ramsey (Age of Apocalypse)
Illyana Rasputin (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Mikhail Rasputin (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Raza (Age of Apocalypse)
Red (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Rex (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Rictor (Marvel)
Rictor (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Joseph Robertson (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
Rogue (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Thaddeus Ross (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Roulette (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sabretooth (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sasquatch (Marvel)(Earth-3470 - Exiles)
Sauron (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Scintilla (Age of Apocalypse)
Shadow King (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Shadowcat (Marvel)
Shadowcat (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sebastian Shaw (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Ship (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Silver Samurai (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sinister (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Siryn (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Skids (Marvel) (Age of Apocalypse)
Skin (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Slocum (Marvel)
Smasher (Age of Apocalypse)
Sonique (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Spyne (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Gwen Stacy (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Starbolt (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Stinger (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Storm (Marvel)
Storm (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Susan 'Sue' Storm (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Strong Guy (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sugar Man
Christopher Summers (Age of Apocalypse)
Katherine Summers (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sunfire (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Sunfire (Marvel)(Earth-2109 - Exiles)
Sunspot (Marvel)
Sunspot (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Switchback (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Tarot (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Thing (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Thornn (03 - Age of Apocalypse)
Thunderbird (Marvel)(Earth-1100 - Exiles)
Tiger Shark (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Patricia "Trish" Tilby (Age of Apocalypse)
Patricia 'Trish' Tilby
Titan (Age of Apocalypse)
Toad (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Bolivar Trask (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Moira Trask (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Triton (Marvel) (Age Of Apocalypse)
Unus (Age of Apocalypse)
Vanisher (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Vincente (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Vultura (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
War (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Warpath (Marvel)
Warstar (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Weapon X (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Wild Child (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Colleen Wing (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Pete Wisdom
Wolfsbane (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
X-23 (Age of Apocalypse)
X-Man (Marvel)
Xorn (Age of Apocalypse)
Mariko Yashida (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Yeti (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Doctor Doom (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Mikhail Rasputin (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Gwen Stacy (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Anthony Edward 'Tony' Stark (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Susan 'Sue' Storm (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
Thing (Marvel)(Age Of Apocalypse)
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