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Last 10 titles added:
  1. RoboCop (1990)
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  4. Transformers (1985)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Roman Stevens
  2. Julio Guerra
  3. Audrey Reyer
  4. I. Garzolio
  5. Anni Perheentupa
  6. Sirvent
  7. Jordi Costa
  8. Sim Singh
  9. Sean Smailes
  10. Lucia Cano
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. General How
  2. Xing Ying
  3. General Mak
  4. Yee-Li
  5. Ursa (The Last Airbender...
  6. Won-Yee
  7. Hei-Won
  8. Tech Ed
  9. Birch, Thomas
  10. Natalie (Marvel)(A.I.)
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Your search: batman

Ace the Bat-Hound (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Ra's al Ghul (DC)(Batman '66)
Talia al Ghul (DC)(Batman '66)
Alloy (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Amethyst (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Amon (DC)(02 - Batman Villain)
Anarky (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Aquagirl (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Aquaman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Aquaman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Archer (DC)(Batman '66)
Armory (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Atom Master (DC)(Batman '66)
Aunt Harriet (DC)(Batman '66)
Aunt Hilda (DC)(Batman '66)
Bane (DC)(Batman '66)
Bane (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Batgirl (DC)(Batman '66)
Batgirl (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Batman (DC)(00 - Golden Age/Undefined Earth)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Batman (DC)(31st Century)(01 - Brane)
Batman (DC)(31st Century)(02 - Brane Taylor)
Batman (DC)(Animated Universe)
Batman (DC)(Arkhamverse)
Batman (DC)(Batman '66)
Batman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(01-Terry McGinnis)
Batman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(02-Tim Drake)
Batman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(Bruce)
Batman (DC)(Beware the Batman)
Batman (DC)(Darkseid Clone)
Batman (DC)(Digital Justice)
Batman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-14 - Assassins)
Batman (DC)(Earth-15 - Legacy Earth)
Batman (DC)(Earth-16 - The Just)
Batman (DC)(Earth-19 - Gotham by Gaslight)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)(01-B.Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)(02-T.Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)(03-Grayson)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Flashpoint)(04-Helena)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-21 - New Frontier)
Batman (DC)(Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
Batman (DC)(Earth-23)
Batman (DC)(Earth-30 - Red Son)
Batman (DC)(Earth-31 - DKR/All-Star)
Batman (DC)(Earth-37 - Thrillkiller)
Batman (DC)(Earth-40 - Liberty Files)
Batman (DC)(Earth-43 - Red Rain)
Batman (DC)(Earth-44 - Metal Men)
Batman (DC)(Earth-51 - Utopia)
Batman (DC)(Earth-9 - Tangent)
Batman (DC)(Earth-A - Lawless League)
Batman (DC)(First Wave)
Batman (DC)(Flashpoint)
Batman (DC)(future Damian Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Gotham City Garage)
Batman (DC)(Injustice)
Batman (DC)(Injustice)(Earth One)
Batman (DC)(Injustice)(Todd)
Batman (DC)(JL3000)
Batman (DC)(Just Imagine Stan Lee)
Batman (DC)(Li'l Gotham)
Batman (DC)(New Order)
Batman (DC)(non-continuity)
Batman (DC)(One Million)
Batman (DC)(Pax Batmana)(Damien Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Pax Batmana)(Dick Grayson)
Batman (DC)(Pax Batmana)(Tim Drake)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Jean-Paul Valley)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Dick Grayson)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(Earth One)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Bruce Wayne)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02 - Jim Gordon)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(03 - Dick Grayson)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-17 - Dystopia)
Batman (DC)(Robin 3000)
Batman (DC)(Smallville)
Batman (DC)(Tiny Titans)
Batman (DC)(Titans Tomorrow)
Batman (DC)(White Knight)
Batman (Strontium Dog)
Batman Imposter (DC)
Batman Japan (DC)
Batman Jones (DC)(Post Crisis)
Batman Jones (DC)(Pre Crisis)(Earth 2)
Batman Jr. (DC)(Earth-154 - Super Sons)
Batman of Moscow (DC)
Batman Robot (DC)
The Batman Who Laughs
Billy Batson (DC)(Batman '66)
Batwoman (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Big Barda (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Black Adam (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Black Wolf (DC) (02 - Batman ally)
Jason Blood (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Bookworm (DC)(Batman '66)
Brainiac (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Buddy (DC)(Batman Villain)
Nathan Bullock (Batman Beyond)
Harvey Bullock (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Calendar Man (DC)(Earth-12 Batman Beyond)
Candyman (DC)(01 - Batman villian)
Captain Marvel (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Catman (DC)(Batman '66)
Catwoman (DC)(Batman '66)
Catwoman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Chandell (DC)(Batman '66)
Charley Bones (DC)(Batman)
Chief Screaming Chicken (DC)(Batman '66)
Clayface (DC)(Batman '66)
Cleopatra (DC)(Batman '66)
Clock King (DC)(Batman '66)
Colonel Gumm (DC)(Batman '66)
Composite Superman-Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)
Copperhead (DC)(Batman '66)
Crash (01-Batman)
Crystal Creature (01 - Batman villain)
Curare (Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
David (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Deadshot (DC)(Batman '66)
Bill Delaney (DC)(02 - Batman)
The Director (DC)(Batman Villain)
Dodge (DC)(Batman)
Tim Drake (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Egghead (DC)(Batman '66)
El Papagayo (02 - Batman villain)
Etrigan the Demon (DC)(Batman Beyond)
False Face (DC)(Batman '66)
Felix Faust (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Firestorm (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Flash (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Flash (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Flippy (Batman)
Fox (DC)(Batman '66)
General Zod (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Ghoul (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Goatboy (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Batman Villain)
Goliath (Batman)
James Gordon (DC)(Batman '66)
Barbara Gordon (DC)(Batman Beyond)
James Gordon (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Richard Grayson (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Green Lantern (DC)(Batman Beyond)(01 - Hal Jordan)
Green Lantern (DC)(Batman Beyond)(02 - Kai-Ro)
Tammy Gun (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Harley Quinn (DC)(Batman '66)
Hush (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Jack of Spades (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Joker (DC)(Batman '66)
Joker (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Kathy Kane (DC)(Batman '66)
Clark Kent (DC)(Batman '66)
Killer Croc (DC)(Batman '66)
Killer Moth (DC)(Batman '66)
Killnivore (DC)(Batman Beyond)
King Kobra (DC)(Batman '66)
King Of Spades (DC)(Batman Beyond)
King Tut (DC)(Batman '66)
Klarion the Warlock (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Kyle (DC)Batman Beyond)
Lois Lane (DC)(Batman '66)
Lois Lane (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Lord Death Man (DC)(Batman '66)
Louie the Lilac (DC) (Batman '66)
Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Ma Parker (DC)(Batman '66)
Mad Hatter (DC)(Batman '66)
Mad Hatter (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Magpie (DC)(Batman '66)
Nellie Majors (DC)(Batman '66)
Man-Bat (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Manny (DC)(Batman: Golden Dawn)
Salvatore 'The Boss' Maroni (DC)(Batman '66)
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds (DC)(Batman '66)
Martian Manhunter (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Matter Master (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Maud (DC)(Batman)
Mary McGinnis (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Mera (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Metallo (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Mindslide (DC)(Batman Beyond)
The Minstrel (DC)(Batman '66)
Mister Camera (DC)(Batman '66)
Mon-El (Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Renee Montoya (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Mother (DC)(Batman)
Mr. Freeze (DC)(Batman '66)
Mr. Freeze (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Mr. Miracle (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Nightmistress (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Nightwing (DC)(Batman '66)
Chief Miles O'Hara (DC)(Batman '66)
Olga, Queen of the Cossacks (DC)(Batman '66)
James 'Jimmy' Olsen (DC)(Batman '66)
James 'Jimmy' Olsen (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Orion (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Pandora (DC)(02 - Batman villain)
Penguin (DC)(Batman '66)
Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(Batman '66)
Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Perry (DC)(Batman)
Pied Piper (DC) (01 - Batman villain)
Poison Ivy (DC)(Batman '66)
Primus (DC) (02- Batman: Odyssey)
Proboscis (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Professor Milo (DC)(Batman '66)
Queen of Spades (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Dr. Holly Quinn (DC)(Batman '66)
Ragman (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Red Hood (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Red Hood (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Riddler (DC)(Batman '66)
Robin (DC)(Batman '66)
Robin (DC)(Batman Beyond)(01 - Grayson)
Robin (DC)(Batman Beyond)(Jason Todd)
Robin (DC)(Batman Beyond)(Matt)
Ryan (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Jack Ryder (DC)(Batman '66)
Jack Ryder (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Sandman (DC)(Batman '66)
Scab (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Scarecrow (DC)(Batman '66)
Scarecrow (DC)(Batman Beyond)(Adalyn)
Shame (DC)(Batman '66)
Shark (DC)(Batman '66)
Shazam (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Signalman (DC)(Batman '66)
Signalman (Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Siren (DC)(Batman '66)
Solomon Grundy (DC)(Batman '66)
Solomon Grundy (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Spellbinder (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Starfire (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Professor Hugo Strange (DC)(Batman '66)
Superbatman (DC)
Superman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Superman (DC)(Batman Beyond)(02 - Jon)
Superman (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Superman (DC)(Pax Batmana)(02 - Conner)
Ten of Spades (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Tuftan (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Two-Face (DC)(Batman '66)
Tyrone (Batman)
Vicki Vale (DC)(Batman '66)
Vigilante (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Vulture (DC)(Batman '66)
Amanda Waller (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Martha Wayne (DC)(Batman '66)
Thomas Wayne (DC)(Batman '66)
Bruce Wayne (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Damian Wayne (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Perry White (DC)(Batman '66)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Wonder Woman (DC)(Pax Batmana)
Zatanna (DC)(Batman Beyond)
Zeke (DC)(Batman)
Zelda the Great (DC)(Batman '66)
Zod (DC)(Batman Beyond)

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