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    Reviews - Piled Higher and Deeper - #1

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Simple and Funny - Superbunny
I quite enjoyed the simplicity of this comic. Year 1 is full of scenes in which different graduate students deal with their everyday trouble. The characters are drawn with very simple lines, rounder lines, which makes you warm up to the scene. Whether the reader has experienced being a graduate student or simply an undergrad it is easy to relate to the problems these face. I enjoyed the one where the student has a job as a TA and he tells the undergrads he's not going to give them the answers just help them find them. In the next panel he's bombarded with qustions, crying and frustrating statements all and the same time. The artist conveys this by placing the character in the right side of the frame almost like he's leaning against the panel and filled the rest of if with baloons with equations, saracasm, graphs etc. So the next panel he's freaking out as well Yelling: "The answer is pi/2 ok!!!!!! leave me alone. Ok!". This time the baloon is a spiky one, and he's raising his hads looking up alsmot like he's asking "why god why".
The comic also goes through scenes like the QUAL examinations in which the students are petrified regardless of how much they studied and also the intentions of the professors of making the exams hard a misserable.
To do this the panels background is all in black and all you can see is a lights in the middles as if he were in a detective's examination room. The student's fear is conveyed by the drips of sweat flying from his face and his answer for when he panics :" Pi/2! The answer is pi/2!!!"
Year one is full of fights for students rights, questioning of starting grad school and everyday stereotypical jokes for grads except tha it shows which ones are a self fulfulling prophesy. There are sections with deeper thicker lines and draker shades of grays to dramatize certain situations like the campus housing situation, in which grad students have no longer guarateed rooms. Except for those the comic is simple and the simple chracters are complemented by the words of the comic. The message is mainly in the word baloons and it's helped by the expressions or moods of the chracters or environment.

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