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    Reviews - All Flash - #1

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9.0 out of 10 - salloria
Wally West and his family have returned just in time to find out that the current Flash - Bart Allen - has been killed by The Rogues, who were lead by Inertia, Bart Allen's clone from the future. Happy homecomings are cut short as Wally dons the Flash costume once more, and as the Rogues go on the run, there's no place to hide on Earth for Inertia…

Mark Waid makes a triumphant return himself… to the character he helped turn into a star during the 90's. While the reunion is bittersweet, it's still one hell of an issue as Wally captures Inertia, and instead of killing him, gives a far worse fate for his role in Bart's death. Once he's dealt with, we're witness to future glimpses of what's to come, further making this issue a must read and perfect jump on point for new readers.

The art chores are split up by five artists on this issue, and incredibly the different styles don't interfere with the flow of the story at all. In fact, all of the artists did a good job plying their vision to page. Manuel Garcia, Joe Bennett and Daniel Acuña provide solid work within their respective sections, but the work by Karl Keschl and Ian Churchill really shines here. The latter fill their sections with an energy that's befitting of the Speed Force.

As mentioned, this is a perfect jump on point for new readers, and with Bart gone and Wally back, this issue is practically "required" reading for fans of the Scarlet Speedster. I highly recommend this one.

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