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    Reviews - Hellblazer - TPB vol. 02

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Weaker then the first trade - Thai
Bit of a mixed bag this to be honest as for every decent tale there is a story that's not quite as good.
The book starts as a continuation of the first trade where there is unfinished business with the demon Nergal but unfortunatly this for me is the weakest part of the book.
The story ''On the Beach'' is strong and show's just how well this story has aged as the point still rings true today.....maybe even more so, ''Newcastle'' is also absolutly essential reading for any John Constantine fans as this is refered to many times in varoius trade's and pretty much makes Constantine what he is (Although this story can also now be found in the TPB Rare Cut's)
''The Devil You Know'' the final part of the first real arc though really wasn't great and felt the end really didn't work.
I tend to not give to much of any plot away and this is no exception so I won't delve into to much detail but I felt it was very weak indeed and pretty much let down the previous 11 issues.
The art differs in these story's but none of it offends to much except the blatent image copying, it's hard to take a demon seroiusly when he's making bodybuilding poses copied stright from musclemag.

The first Hellblazer annual is also included in this TPB and I fell this would be more at home in a Sandman story. Now don't get me wrong I am a huge Sandman fan but this felt a little out of place to be honest.
The real gem though is ''The Horrorist'', this had me captivated from start to finish, the art is also amazing.
Painted from what looks like watercolours the art really fit's the mood of the story and more importantly the narrative.
But the question raised is the Horrorist worth the full price of the trade well that's a matter of opinion but for me no.
This is certainly weaker then the first trade but still worth reading if your a Hellblazer fan.

6.4 Out of Ten.

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