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    Reviews - Marvel Super Special - #1

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"This looks like a job for --KISS!" - trout2
What an unexpected surprise! After years of being a massive KISS fanatic, reading this for the first time proved to be a great experience in knowing that only KISS could do something like this. Not that I was expecting lackluster comics, but I didn't know quite what to expect but what I got was a great big adventure featuring KISS, not as rock and rollers, but as superheroes. This comic reads like a KISS song, the opening pages feature a rebellious Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, eschewing the modern ways of living in favor of stretching their fantasies as far as possible. That in itself reads like many KISS songs. As soon as the story takes off, it sky rockets through the Marvel Universe as we catch glimpses of The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the Avengers and an eventual brawl between KISS and Doctor Doom. Steve Gerber's writing is definitely of it's time but in this day and age, it reads wonderfully poetic and dramatic and a wonderfully imaginative story that charmed the hell out of me.

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