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    Reviews - JSA - #5

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** SPOILERS ** - Tom Mix
Picking up where the last book finished, Sand has changed into a mass of silicon dioxide, and is travelling the fault lines of the earth. He emerges amongst some sun-bathers on a beach. A few days later, the people of Tylerco are testing Sand to see what is happening to him. Sand believes it is a result of when Sandman's Silicoid gun exploded and turned him into a sand monster. Sandman had supposedly cured him... Mr. Terrific introduces himself. Back at the JSA headquarters, John Stewart is overseeing the remodelling of the building. Suddenly Sand is reduced to silicon dioxide again. Someone is manipulating the earth's magnetic field. He follows the disturbance to its source. In africa, he finds Geomancer attacking a village. Sand confronts him. They battle. Sand thinks about his feeling of being more part of the 1940's, while Geomancer explains he is working for something called the Council, who want the area emptied. Sand decides to be a part of today, whilst subdueing Geomancer. Back at JSA headquarters, Sand tells the others what happened. He also shows of his new outfit, which can travel with him in his nebulous form, and that he can now move through anything with silica in it, and without leaving a pile of sand behind. Cut to Miliwaukee. Obsidian confronts abusive foster father, and kills him. He implies that Alan Scott is next.
Another great book. Not the break-neck speed of the first arc. The character stuff about Sandy is great. You can really feel his connection, almost a yearning, for the 1940's, but it does feel like an epiphany when he accepts his place in the modern day.

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