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    Reviews - The Authority - TPB vol. 01

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prior knowledge of Stormwatch is needed - Thai
This is the first Authority trade on the market and let me first start by saying that at 8 issues this is pretty good value for money although the trade doesn’t share the same sort of paper quality that other trades are graced.
I’ve not had any prior knowledge on the Authority but the series was recommended to me by someone upon my arrival back to comics and although it was enjoyable to an extent I unfortunately found more negatives then positives.

Let’s start with the negatives, for a book that follows a team with many characters this book is lacking in just that - character.
The characters aren't all clearly defined, as after reading the last issue of the trade I didn’t know anything more about the characters then the first issue and to be honest none of them are really likable.
Jenny Sparks was especially unbearable at times and as much as the rest of the cast’s powers are cool and couldn’t really relate to any of them.

Another big criticism is that it isn't completely accessible. Much of Ellis prior work on Stormwatch is referenced here and at times I really felt lost.
The villain in the first story arc is also by what I can gather fresh out of the pages of Stormwatch and this for me was a real problem as having never read Stormwatch could not tell you what his motive for revenge was as you had no information to refer back to and this is quite crucial.

As for the highlights Bryan Hitch’s art is truly a sight to behold and Hitch's detailed pencils really needed to be top notch in order to keep up with Ellis scripting as his over the top concepts could be quite hard to portray on page but he rises to the challenge to create some of the most exciting and realistic visuals to grace a superhero book of this nature.
The living "Carrier" spaceship that the team inhabits is another highlight, the sheer size and magnitude and the ship leads to a lot of inventive plot threads and the moment at the end of the first arc when the ship is used as a battering ram is one of the high notes.

To be fair this isn’t what I would normally read as I normally get my comic kicks form the more grounded in reality sort of stories from the pages of anything ranging from Daredevil to 100 Bullets but if your into alternate reality’s and over the top space battles then this may well be up your street and to an extent it is done very well but is neither too accessible for new readers and in my opinion lacking any real stand alone Characters that are likable.

I will be reading the second trade as I already have Volumes 1-4 but I’m hoping they will appeal to me more then this did.


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