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    Reviews - The Amazing Spider-Man - #194

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Never let the Black Cat cross your path! - longthorn
Still waiting for the Black Cat to be done in a Spiderman movie. Why they had to reboot already I will never know. Getting tired of seeing the origin story made a hundred times while a thousand other ideas are just waiting for the big screen.
Come on; even those who live under a rock know that Peter Parker bit by a spider lives with his Aunt and his Uncle died. Not to mention the last movies stupidly messing up the iconic Spider Man line ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. Yeah literary-buffs, I know it was originally said elsewhere, but by now who said it better?

Anyway, in this issue of Spider-man we have the introduction of one of the positively most sexy Super femme fatale in Marvel history; the Black Cat. A sure rip of Catwoman, in fact, when I first saw her on the cover I said ‘ahh, man really!’ I hated the idea. Then of course, just like the Bat our kitty is hooked on the Spider. Yet here’s why it worked better; Spider actually fell for her. They actually had a relationship. It was great to see. The idea of her loving the Spider, and not wanting to know the person under the mask a reversal of iconic proportion. If any other guy pulled this off he could actually two timed Black Cat and I don’t think she would care. Pete could have dated Marry Jane and the Spider could date the Cat.
Anyway again we have a nerd-vana vision of life as Peter Parker; a classic time in his life when Pete leaves the Daily Bugle to work for the competing Daily Globe. Here we find his romantic life tossed between an Angry Marry Jane, a married Betty Brant-Leeds whose husband wants to kill parker. Along with this, we have a new girl interested in Pete at the Globe by the name of April Maye. Then to add more gasoline on the fire he runs into the Black Cat for the first time that folds up his mask and plants a big one on the spider totally throwing him off his game, a classic moment.
I give this comic four stars!

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