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    Reviews - Fell - #3

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10 out of 10 - salloria
Now that his suit is ruined - thanks to the stabbings he's received (twice) since being transferred to Snowtown - Detective Fell takes a day off to buy a new suit. Now, one would think that being in a town that doesn't have suit outfitters would be problematic enough, but this is Snowtown, meaning the thrift shop where Fell winds up happens to have a suicide bomber sitting in the change room, ready to let everything go "boom"…

Warren Ellis makes an extreme situation - in a change room no less - look easy, as he writes yet another reason why the town and residents are so desolate all the time. The best part about the stand-off in question, for me anyway, was Fell telling the thrift shop owner to clean things up before he's forced to do it himself, essentially trying to hold on to that last bit of humanity he's got left. Great stuff, and did I mention the Nixon Nun bought a gun and pointed it at Fell while he was walking down the street?

Considering almost the entire issue takes place in said change room, the art is absolutely amazing. This issue could have easily been a little boring, visually, but Ben Templesmith invokes a myriad of different expressions to convey the story, and as a result it makes the issue a treat visually just as much as it is legibly.

Each issue continues to top the previous, making this title easily one of the best to come out this decade.

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