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    Reviews - The Avengers - #9

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The Days of Wonder! - longthorn
Wonderman is one of the most unique marvel characters due to his storied history. Starting his strange journey here in issue nine a misguided man given powers by Zemo to sacrifice his life in the end showing he was truly a hero. From there his body lay dormant for years. However, they used Wonderman even before he returned to life in many ways that affected the Avengers over the years. His brother the Grim Reaper became a major villain of the Avengers over time. Latter it we learned his brain patterns used to make the Vision more human. Then upon his return over one hundred issues latter, he showed his might against villains like Ultron, Gravitation, Attuma, Dr. Doom, and Count Nefaria. Let us not forget one of the strangest and most unique friendships with the Beast and his romances with the Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel. Personally, I like him with Ms Marvel much more then the Scarlet Witch who should be with the Vision. Furthermore, lately Marvel has yet to find the right way to bring him to life. I hate the movie star angel they came up for his regular identity. I would rather he went back to his roots and rebuilt his family company, or something entirely different with a new secret identity other then Simon Williams. If nothing else, he needs to be better balanced. He could be Marvels Superman if they used him right. A character with vast untapped potential. This issue is the most favorite of my entire collection I give it five stars.

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