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    Reviews - Armageddon 2001 - #2

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Too bad - mellotron12
Had DC stuck to the original story, ignoring that Monarch's secret identity was leaked early to viewers, this story probably would be remembered as a great DC epic event. It started out with lots of promise, and then the quick rewriting and planning, which unfortunatly shows, nearly caused a train wreck. There are many problems with the story. 1) It makes no sense for Hank Hall to kill Dove. 2) This issue ignores all the clues from the past annuals that hinted at Captain Atom as Monarch.

3) Waverider says that the future he saw when touching Captain Atom was one of many possiblities. That's fine. No problem there. Then, he says that when the future Captain Atom destroyed a city block out of anger, he inadvertently released Monarch from the timestream. Since Captain Atom encoutered Waverider in the present and is aware of that future, then that future should be nullified, as both Waverider and Superman point out. ... Then, why is Monarch still in the present?

There are several other things that I found annoying. The reference to a stolen Millard Fillmore painting? What was that about?

Dan Jurgens art suffered a little bit here. It seems hastily drawn and inked. The story was also too swiftly paced, suffering from TMI and sequence and transition problems.

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