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Fox Feature Syndicate
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Victor Fox used several different publishing company names, but usually only one at any given time. Bruns Publications was used only for the first few months of the earliest titles. The remainder of Fox's pre-war / early World War II-era output was published under Fox Publications, until closing in 1942 and losing its most popular title, Blue Beetle, to Holyoke Publications. Fox, like many publishers, published material through other companies during World War II's paper rations. These appear in 1944 and 1945 as Fox returned to publishing and wrested Blue Beetle back from Holyoke.

Nearly all of Fox's post-war material was published as Fox Feature Syndicate, which is the name that the MSU Comic Art Collection applies to all of Victor Fox's publishing ventures. Note that at least one comic was published under then name Fox Features Syndicate, with the plural "Features" instead of singular.

A few other names were used in later years, specifically Hero Books in 1949 and 1950, and Style Publications for at least two issues in 1947. These were used alongside Fox Feature Syndicate, which continued until Fox ceased publishing operations.

Starting in 1947, most issues started their first story on the inside front cover, meaning that the true number of story pages of Fox comics was usually greater than their competitors'.


Hero Books

Total: 59

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All Good Comics (1946)
All Great Comics (1946)
All Great Jungle Adventures (1949)
All Top Comics (1946)
All Top Comics Vol. 1 (1944)

Big 3 (1940)
Blue Beetle (1939)
The Bouncer (1944)

Crime Incorporated (1950)
Crimes by Women (1948)
Crimes Incorporated (1950)

Dagar (1948)
Dorothy Lamour (1950)

The Eagle (1941)

Famous Crimes (1948)
Fantastic Comics (1939)
The Flame (1940)
Frank Buck (1950)

Green Mask (1940)
Green Mask (1945)

Hunted (1950)

I Loved, Real Confession Stories (1949)
Inside Crime (1950)

Jo-Jo (1947)
Jo-Jo Comics (1946)
Jungle Jo (1950)

Martin Kane, Private Eye (1950)
My Confession (1949)
My Desire Intimate Confessions (1949)
My Experience (1949)
My Intimate Affair (1950)
My Life True Stories in Pictures (1948)
My Love Memoirs (1949)
My Love Secret (1949)
My Love Story (1949)
My Secret Life (1949)
My Secret Story (1949)
Mystery Men Comics (1939)
Phantom Lady (1947)

Rex Dexter of Mars (1940)
Romeo Tubbs (1950)
Rulah (1948)

Sabu ''Elephant Boy'' (1950)
Science Comics (1940)
A Spectacular Feature (1950)
A Star Presentation (1950)

Tegra Jungle Empress (1948)

V...- Comics (1942)

Weird Comics (1940)
Western Killers (1948)
Western Outlaws (1948)
Western Thrillers (1948)
Western True Crime (1948)
Women In Love (1949)
Wonder Comics (1939)
Wonderworld Comics (1939)

Zago (1948)
Zegra (1948)
Zoot Comics (1946)


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