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Continuity Comics
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Continuity Comics was a short-lived independent comic book company formed by Neal Adams in the 1980s. It mainly published a variety of super-hero comics developed by Adams. These comics were grittier than the mainstream Marvel or DC Comics of their day, often depicting bloody, graphic violence. In one issue of the "Armor" comic the title character has his hand chopped off and then the appendage is destroyed in a blender. The costume and the cover artwork for the character Samuree were often revealing, and she was sometimes drawn in sexy poses on the cover of her comic. This was only unusual in context. Such comics are not uncommon today, but they are rarely sold next to "The Fantastic Four" or "Superman," like Continuity's were. Continuity was part of a trend towards more eroticism in depicting comic characters, especially female ones. During the 'variant cover' craze, Continuity got into Tyvex and die-cut covers, crossovers (Deathwatch 2000 and Rise of Magic), and the like. The line was cancelled during the Rise of Magic crossover in 1993. Several more recent titles and characters wound up being published by others. Samuree, Valeria and Knighthawk would be published by Acclaim's Windjammer line. Ms. Mystic first appeared under Pacific Comics line. The line received much criticism from comics retailers (particularly columnist Brian Hibbs) for its inability to ship its product on time or according to schedule.

Continuity Graphic

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Armor (1988)
Armor (1993)

Bucky O'Hare (1986)
Bucky O'Hare (1991)

Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future Featuring Captain Power (1988)
Crazyman (1992)
Crazyman (1993)
CyberRad (1991)
CyberRad (1992)
CyberRad Deathwatch 2000 (1993)
CyberRad TPB (1993)

Earth 4 (1993)
Earth 4 Deathwatch 2000 (1993)
Echo of Futurepast (1984)

Hybrids (1994)
Hybrids Deathwatch 2000 (1993)
Hybrids: The Origin (1993)
Megalith (1989)
Megalith (1993)
Ms. Mystic (1987)
Ms. Mystic (1993)
Ms. Mystic Deathwatch 2000 (1993)

Neal Adams Sketch Book (2005)
Neal Adams: Rowdy and Beautiful Women Sketch Book (2005)

The Revengers featuring Armor and Silver Streak (1985)
The Revengers featuring Megalith (1985)
Revengers Special (1992)

Samuree (1987)
Samuree (1993)
Shaman (1994)

Toyboy (1986)

Urth 4 (1989)

Valeria the She Bat (1993)

Zero Patrol (1984)


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