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Hawkman (1964) #18

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2017-08-05 20:23:18 scottandrewhutchins Added Character Farr, Falthis
2017-08-05 20:16:35 scottandrewhutchins Notes Kanjar Ro appears only in flashback.
2017-08-05 20:16:07 scottandrewhutchins Added Character Kanjar Ro
2017-08-05 20:15:00 scottandrewhutchins Synopsis Radiation affects the Manhawks giving them superior strength to escape their imprisonment. They then steal the entire plant Thanagar while Shayera is there visiting her parents. Haekman traces the radiation the the planet Rann, where Sardath has counteracted the Zeta Beam radiation and the radiation with which Kanjar Ro infected him that would kill him if he stayed on Rann more than a year, but the treatment as it stands will kill him if he returns to Earth. Adam and Alanna's wedding is interrupted by an attack on Rann from the Manhawks, who have identified it as the source of the radiation that enhanced their strength, which has begun to fade. Adam and Hawkman team-up to defeat the Manhawks, leaving Hawkman free to determine what happened to Thanagar (next issue!)
2008-03-16 15:42:40 dragoon Added Creator Murphy Anderson
2008-03-16 15:42:40 dragoon Pagecount 23
2008-03-16 15:41:28 dragoon Added Creator Julius Schwartz
2007-03-11 13:59:30 hattertim Added Character Strange, Adam
2007-03-11 13:59:30 hattertim Added Character Hawkman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(02 - Katar Hol)
2007-03-11 13:59:30 hattertim Added Character Strange, Alanna
2007-03-11 13:59:30 hattertim Added Character Sardath
2007-03-11 13:57:16 hattertim Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2007-03-11 13:57:16 hattertim Added Cover Added cover (large)

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