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The Saga of Swamp Thing (1982) #44

Contribution History:

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Date User Field Old Value New Value
2008-08-19 01:38:51 ccl080673 Removed Character Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
2007-09-25 22:53:55 cook Removed Character Holland, Abigail 'Abby'
2007-09-25 22:32:09 cook Added Character Cable, Abigail 'Abby'
2007-09-21 20:52:36 ccl080673 Pagecount 32
2007-09-21 20:52:36 ccl080673 Notes John Constantine and Steve (Mento) Dayton meet Batman, who is patrolling the streets of New York after having battled the anti-matter storms alongside the Outsiders, the New Teen Titans and Superman (Crisis on Infinite Earths #2-4 and New Teen Titans #13). Not bannered as a Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover.
2007-09-21 20:49:20 ccl080673 Added Character Batman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
2007-01-01 11:47:49 Calib@n Removed Story Arc
2007-01-01 11:46:58 Calib@n Added Character Mento (DC)
2006-12-16 01:21:44 Calib@n Added Story Arc American Gothic
2006-12-16 01:21:32 Calib@n Added Story Arc American Gothic
2006-06-17 17:52:20 Jamescush Letter Column Swamp Things
2006-05-04 19:35:45 FanboyKyle Added Story Arc Crisis on Infinite Earths

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