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Runaways (2005) #6

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-04-07 07:42:26 jeroendossche Removed Character Power (Marvel), Julie
2015-04-07 07:42:26 jeroendossche Added Character Chamber (Marvel)(02 - Geoffrey Wilder)
2015-04-07 07:42:26 jeroendossche Added Character Lightspeed (Marvel)
2009-02-03 07:47:42 samuel_716 Name True Believers, Chapter Six True Believers: Chapter 6
2008-06-20 11:55:06 samuel_716 Name True Believers, Conclusion True Believers, Chapter Six
2008-01-16 15:32:12 Uthor Pagecount 32
2008-01-16 15:27:18 Uthor Added Character Lotus (Marvel)(02 - The Pride)
2008-01-16 15:27:18 Uthor Added Character Stretch (Marvel)
2008-01-16 15:27:18 Uthor Added Character Hunter (Marvel)
2008-01-16 15:24:26 Uthor Added Character Wilder (Marvel), Geoffrey
2008-01-13 04:53:01 Uthor Removed Character Jones (Marvel), Richard 'Rick'
2008-01-13 04:50:54 Uthor Added Character Jones (Marvel), Richard 'Rick'
2006-09-05 12:38:24 ferroboy Removed Character Green Goblin (Marvel)(04 - Phil Urich)
2006-09-05 12:38:24 ferroboy Added Character Urich (Marvel), Phillip 'Phil'
2006-03-05 05:25:17 ricky7d Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-03-05 05:25:17 ricky7d Added Cover Added cover (large)
2006-02-06 18:18:11 IndieRockLance Added Character Green Goblin (Marvel)(04 - Phil Urich)
2006-02-06 18:18:01 IndieRockLance Added Character Turbo (Marvel)(01 - Mickey Musashi)
2006-02-06 18:17:47 IndieRockLance Added Character Ricochet (Marvel)(03 - Johnny Gallo)
2006-02-06 18:17:35 IndieRockLance Added Character Julie Power (Marvel)
2006-02-06 18:17:28 IndieRockLance Added Character Ultron (Marvel)(01 - original)
2006-02-06 18:17:18 IndieRockLance Added Character Richard 'Rick' Jones (Marvel)
2006-02-06 18:17:11 IndieRockLance Added Character Darkhawk (Marvel)(01 - Chris Powell)
2006-02-06 18:15:43 IndieRockLance Name True Believers Conclusion True Believers, Conclusion
2006-02-06 18:15:43 IndieRockLance Synopsis While Excelsior attempts to find where the Runaways and Victor have gone to, Ultron gives Victor a look into his true history. He explains that Victor's mother believed him to be a prophet and struck a deal where if she helped him rebuild himself, he would build her a son. Victor was built in order to infiltrate the Avengers due to latent electromagnetic abilities and a programmed love of superheroes. He was meant to betray their secrets to Ultron so that together they could finally destroy the Avengers. Back in reality, Victor has been fighting the runaways through out Ultron's entire explanation. He manages to snap out of it, but Ultron continues to be a pain in their side. The Runaways blow open the roof so that Excelsior can find them and they get involved in the battle as well. However, in the battle, the runaways escape once again and Excelsior destroys Ultron. They decide to become a fulltime team with aid from Rick Jones. At the end of the story, there were several revelations: Chamber wasn't really Chamber, The Pride is still in existance (headed up by a mysterious black teenager) and Victor is now part of the runaways crew.

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