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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982) #145

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2015-05-31 21:09:17 mac417 Added Character The White Clown
2015-05-28 19:58:56 mac417 Added Character Zanzibar (G.I. Joe)
2013-03-16 20:08:12 Soda Removed Creator Deiz
2013-03-16 20:08:12 Soda Added Creator Dave Chi - 'Chi'
2012-03-21 06:15:59 mikebo Removed Creator William 'Will' Rosado
2012-03-21 06:15:59 mikebo Added Creator Phil Gosier
2012-03-21 06:15:59 mikebo Added Creator Tim Tuohy
2007-07-04 18:29:14 jwnieman Synopsis Cobra attepts a takeover of Borovia (now known as Borigia/Krazny-Marengo). The White Clown and Madga are killed in this sequence. Elsewhere, Mutt and Spirit are finally cleared of the charges leveled against them in their initial attack on Millville, Rock & Roll and Stalker visit Arlington, Billy turns up at Castle Destro and is warmly greeted by Destro, Zartan, and the Baroness, Dr. Mindbender reveals a program he activated in Destro and Zartan to make them loyal to Cobra again, Zarana rejoins the Dreadnoks and they take off for parts unknown, most of the members of the G.I. Joe Ninja Force set up a martial arts school in a rough Spanish Harlem area, and the new G.I. Joe Star Brigade is introduced. Cobra Commander goes to Castle Destro at the end and zaps Destro and Zartan.
2007-07-04 18:29:14 jwnieman Notes Deaths of Magda and the White Clown.
2007-06-21 00:02:18 jwnieman Added Character Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-19 22:06:33 jwnieman Added Character Mutt (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-19 19:15:10 jwnieman Added Character Law (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-18 23:11:46 jwnieman Added Character Hardtop (G. I. Joe)
2007-06-15 20:42:03 jwnieman Added Character Clutch (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-15 00:23:06 jwnieman Added Character Blind Master
2007-06-14 23:52:24 jwnieman Added Character Billy (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-14 00:51:12 jwnieman Added Character T'JBang (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-14 00:46:38 jwnieman Added Character Dojo (G.I. Joe)
2007-06-14 00:27:23 jwnieman Added Character Nunchuk (G.I. Joe)
2007-05-31 07:36:46 spid Added Character Grunt (G.I. Joe)
2007-03-31 10:47:32 spid Added Character Monkeywrench (G.I. Joe)
2006-11-17 13:10:30 spid Added Character Zarana (G.I. Joe)
2006-09-01 11:05:29 spid Added Character Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)(01 - Unknown)
2006-07-02 15:19:12 spid Removed Creator Dave Chi - 'Chi'
2006-07-02 15:19:12 spid Added Creator Deiz
2006-07-02 14:39:10 spid Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-07-02 14:39:10 spid Added Cover Added cover (large)

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