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Green Lantern (1990) #49

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2010-08-22 10:28:43 dbpants Added Story Arc Emerald Twilight
2008-11-22 06:45:18 ryanwerth Added Character Tomar-Tu
2008-11-22 06:45:18 ryanwerth Added Character Kreon
2008-11-22 06:45:18 ryanwerth Added Character Toren, Graf
2008-11-22 06:45:18 ryanwerth Added Character Boodikka
2008-08-29 05:22:36 Herne Added Character Laira
2008-01-03 00:43:50 ccl080673 Added Character Ke'Haan
2008-01-03 00:41:52 ccl080673 Added Character Hannu
2007-06-01 13:13:04 TumbleMonkey Added Creator Darryl Banks
2007-06-01 13:13:04 TumbleMonkey Added Creator Romeo Tanghal
2006-02-21 17:36:57 Darth Kramer Synopsis As Hal's quest for power continues, his quest leads him to his objective, the Main Power Battery on Oa! Fearing what Hal is capable of, the Guardians of the Universe recall all members of the Green Lantern Corp to stop Hal at all costs. Unfortunately, Hal will stop at nothing to get what he desires. The Guardians, desparate to stop Hal, unleash one final gambit...

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