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Uncanny X-Men (1963) #225

Contribution History:

Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /home/comicboo/public_html/issue_history.php on line 171
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-07-07 06:26:38 spid Pagecount 23 32
2009-05-19 22:38:10 rwe1138 Removed Character Naze
2009-05-19 22:38:10 rwe1138 Added Character Havok (Marvel)
2009-05-19 22:38:10 rwe1138 Added Character Psylocke (Marvel)
2009-05-19 22:38:10 rwe1138 Added Character Avalanche (Marvel)(01 - Dominic Szilard)
2009-05-19 22:36:44 rwe1138 Notes Juggernaut appears in flashback.
2009-05-19 22:36:32 rwe1138 Removed Creator Tom DeFalco
2009-05-19 22:36:32 rwe1138 Added Creator Alex Jay
2009-05-19 22:36:32 rwe1138 Pagecount 23
2007-09-27 13:32:15 genxer Synopsis Colossus is relaxing in Scotland drawing pictures of the X-Men. A group of boys approach him and he’s taught a lesson on the state of mutants in young children’s eyes. A mysterious woman (Roma in disguise) asks him to sketch a picture of her. She disappears at one point and in her place is a statue of Colossus, the size of a trophy. He decides he needs to go back with the X-Men and calls up his sister to help him. Meanwhile, we find out that the Adversary has taken over Roma’s palace and plans on bringing absolute chaos to the world. Elsewhere, the X-Men are in Dallas trying to find Storm. They’ve tracked her to Forge’s penthouse. Freedom Force shows up to try and arrest them. A long battle ensues. The end results: Dazzler and Rogue are captured by Freedom Force and the X-Men have Mystique. The X-Men end up taking refuge inside the building. Destiny cries out, her precognitive power shows her that when dawn comes anyone in the building will be dead. Suddenly, a rift in the sky opens and sunlight pours through. The end of the world may be beginning.
2006-10-27 02:58:47 asxz Added Character Roma (Marvel)
2006-10-27 02:54:47 asxz Added Creator Daniel 'Dan' Green
2006-10-27 02:53:26 asxz Removed Creator Bob Wiacek
2006-10-27 02:53:26 asxz Added Creator Daniel 'Dan' Green
2006-04-08 10:08:29 spid Added Character Pyro (Marvel)(01 - St. John Allerdyce)
2006-04-08 10:07:48 spid Added Character Longshot (Marvel)(01 - Longshot)
2006-04-08 10:07:48 spid Added Character Magik (Marvel)(01 - Illyana Rasputin)
2006-03-25 12:02:19 spid Added Character Spiral (Marvel)
2006-03-25 12:00:09 spid Added Character Blob (Marvel)
2006-03-25 11:59:29 spid Added Character Stonewall (Marvel)(01 - Louis Hamilton)
2006-03-25 11:58:40 spid Added Character Mystique (Marvel)
2006-03-25 11:57:53 spid Added Character Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
2006-03-25 11:57:19 spid Added Character Colossus (Marvel)(03 - Piotr Rasputin)
2006-03-25 11:56:34 spid Added Character Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
2006-03-25 11:55:36 spid Added Character Dazzler (Marvel)(02 - Alison Blaire)
2006-03-25 11:54:23 spid Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-03-25 11:54:23 spid Added Cover Added cover (large)
2005-12-18 00:39:05 melkoloran Added Story Arc The Fall of the Mutants
2005-12-18 00:39:01 melkoloran Removed Story Arc The Fall of the Mutants

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