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Tomb of Dracula (1972) #27

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-06-24 11:52:26 rio Added Creator Thomas 'Tom' Palmer Sr.
2011-06-24 11:52:26 rio Pagecount 18 32
2011-05-14 06:02:21 peterpter Removed Creator (Unknown Creator)
2011-05-14 06:02:21 peterpter Added Creator Gil Kane
2010-03-23 20:27:24 Vindicator2000 Notes Other characters: Ramon Horatio Toombs Other characters: Ramon Horatio Toombs Features letter from Dean Mullaney (future editor and founder of Eclipse Comics).
2009-10-18 06:45:25 spiver81 Removed Character Dracula (Stoker), Count
2009-08-18 22:14:07 lothario Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2009-08-18 22:14:07 lothario Added Cover Added cover (large)
2009-08-18 22:10:28 lothario Added Creator (Unknown Creator)
2009-08-18 22:10:28 lothario Name Night-Fire Night-Fire!
2009-08-18 22:10:28 lothario Letter Column Tomes to the Tomb!
2007-09-25 15:29:11 masoud Notes Other characters: Ramon (Taj's brother-in-law) Horatio Toombs Other characters: Ramon Horatio Toombs
2007-09-21 16:28:59 masoud Notes Other characters: Ramon (Taj's brother-in-law) Horatio Toombs
2007-09-21 16:28:05 masoud Added Character Summers, Danny
2006-04-08 18:01:32 JonnyAlbino Synopsis Dracula escpaes a pit filling with holy water in his quest for the Chimera. David and Sheila are soon confronted by Dracula where his true motives for the Chimera are revealed as he calls down a fire plague while in possession of the Chimera's tail. The mute vampire hunter known as Taj has returned to his home in India but not willingly. His estranged wife has summoned him home where their son has lived in restraints ever since his transformation into a vampire. Bound with garlic and kept alive with blood donations from the local villagers, Taj's son is an undead memorial to the vampire attack that crippled Taj' wife and left him speechless. Taj's wife tells him that the villagers are growing more concerned about their son escaping and the village has decided to destroy him before he escapes and attacks his neighbors. Taj looks on his son with revulsion as his wife pleads with him to save his child. Outside of London, Dracula and his two companions Sheila Whitier and David Eschol are the prisoners of an unknown opponent who his used them to lead him to a powerful artifact known as the Chimera. A lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail-these are the three components that when united form the powerful magical artifact known as the Chimera. Each desires the Chimera for their own reasons-Dracula for power, David for revenge on his father's murderers, and Sheila for reasons known only to her. The Chimera's power is used to show the deepest fears of each captive. The Chimera's power is demonstrated as an Asian woman Mae Li ( a servant of the mysterious enemy who has captured Dracula) uses it to manipulate Sheila's emotions and turns her love for David into hate. Then it summons a vision of David's dead father who tortures him by telling him that his faith is a lie. Sheila is caught in an illusion where Dracula reveals his love to Sheila only to be revealed as a corpse. Then Dracula finds himself attacked by some of his most hated foes-Quincy Harker and the Drac Pack. Dracula sees through the illusion and fights the power of the Chimera, freeing himself from captivity and seizing the Chimera. Mae Li takes Sheila hostage, holding her at knifepoint and offering her life in exchange for the Chimera. Dracula refuses her demands and instead hypnotizes her. Dracula then orders her to kill herself and laughs as she plunges a knife into her own heart. The Chimera is now Dracula's. He tells Sheila that it is time to leave but first he must eliminate David Eschol. To Dracula's surprise, she grabs the Chimera from him and shatters it against the wall. Dracula watches on in complete disbelief as Sheila rebukes him. Dracula commands her to his side but she refuses, telling him that she is not his servant. She thought she loved Dracula but she has finally seen through him and realizes what he truly is. The Chimera is far too powerful for Dracula or even David Eschol. Sheila abandons Dracula, leaving with her new lover David.
2006-04-08 17:59:22 JonnyAlbino Added Character Li, Mae
2006-04-08 17:57:01 JonnyAlbino Added Character Harker (Marvel), Quincy
2006-04-08 17:55:50 JonnyAlbino Added Character Van Helsing (Marvel), Rachel
2006-04-08 17:55:12 JonnyAlbino Removed Character Eshcol, Joshua
2006-04-08 17:55:12 JonnyAlbino Removed Character Chairman (Marvel)
2006-04-08 17:53:22 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-04-08 17:53:22 JonnyAlbino Added Cover Added cover (large)

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