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Gambit (2004) #5

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2013-07-12 03:52:30 chrispwheeler Added Character Cooper, Orlean
2013-07-12 03:52:30 chrispwheeler Added Character Alphonse
2013-07-12 03:50:54 chrispwheeler Added Character Jessup, Jack
2006-10-23 19:48:53 SoupyDrek Name Celebrity Poker House of Cards, Part V: Celebrity Poker
2006-10-23 19:48:53 SoupyDrek Synopsis When the clock strikes midnight, the gangster nightclub owner Orlean Cooper will make a deal with the devil--literally. He and his girlfriend Lili Penrose have gone to great lengths to procure what they need for his nefarious contract--an ancient tarot deck of untold supernatural power, the Inficios Aquilus. These great lengths included pitting two thieves in a race for the cards-- a murderous cutthroat named Jack Jessup and the cagey young mutant Remy Lebeau, better known as the X-Man Gambit. Thus far, many people have been hurt, several have died, and just about everyone has been double-crossed. And it's going to get worse before it gets better. Particularly for Orlean Cooper, who only thinks he has the Inficio Aquilus. The actual deck is resting comfortably in Remy LeBeaus' trenchcoat pocket. And all the other killers, cutthroats and double-crossers are about to find themselves facing some very nasty surprises-especially since the X-Man known as Wolverine is fighting at Remy's side!
2006-09-09 10:47:12 SoupyDrek Added Character Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
2006-09-09 10:45:47 SoupyDrek Added Creator Justin Ponsor - 'J-Po'
2006-09-09 10:45:47 SoupyDrek Added Creator Matt Ryan
2006-09-01 19:32:29 SharpClaws77 Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-09-01 19:32:29 SharpClaws77 Added Cover Added cover (large)
2006-01-17 14:20:32 Shoeface Added Story Arc House of Cards
2006-01-17 14:11:41 Shoeface Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2006-01-17 14:11:41 Shoeface Added Cover Added cover (large)

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