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Uncanny X-Men (1963) Annual 06

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2016-04-18 01:11:13 schwabap Notes Cover is an homage to Batman #156, Thor #127, Uncanny X-Men #136, Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.
2014-01-16 03:06:19 crimson78 Pagecount 52
2014-01-16 03:04:19 crimson78 Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2014-01-16 03:04:19 crimson78 Added Cover Added cover (large)
2009-04-14 22:35:30 rwe1138 Added Character Munroe, N'Dare
2009-04-14 22:35:30 rwe1138 Added Character Munroe, David
2009-04-14 22:34:18 rwe1138 Removed Creator Jim Shooter
2007-09-25 16:14:01 genxer Synopsis Rachel van Helsing comes home from teaching at Bard College only to discover that Dracula, whom she thought she'd sent to final death, had come for her! Sometime later in the X-Mansion, Kitty Pryde is throwing a temper tantrum over her parents' divorce. Unnoticed by her, a dark shadow passes over her. She cries herself to sleep. Kitty wakes up around midnight. Storm enters her room, and Kitty's ready to talk, but Storm is hungry (for blood, of course). She feeds off each X-Man in turn. Then she flies off to Dracula's embrace. Only then does she wake from her nightmare. She goes to check on Kitty, who is pretending to be asleep, and is comforted that it was a dream. But she realizes she has been summoned, and goes to have words with Dracula. Kitty rouses herself, and suspecting Ororo is under Dracula's thrall, goes to Peter. Of course, all is not right with Kitty, as Peter soon learns. Elsewhere Ororo arrives at the castle to find that she has been expected. She also discovers Rachel has been turned into a vampire. She refuses hospitality, provoking a battle of wills with Dracula, who defeats her. When she is returned to strength, she makes a bargain with Dracula - she'll do a task for him so long as no one gets hurt and the X-Men are not implicated. He agrees, and takes her to steal a book with the Montesi Formula, a spell to destroy all vampires. She breaks into Pendarrow Hill, where Kitty ambushes her with a crossbow. Then Colossus distracts Storm while Kitty, or perhaps someone wearing Kitty's form, steals the book and makes off with it. Storm escapes and is carried off by Dracula. Storm finds herself in a dream Cairo, Egypt, where she encounters her mother. She relives the tragic death of her parents, and awakes to find herself in a coffin. She finds herself to still be human, but after trading words with Dracula she attacks him. Dracula comes close to making her a vampire, but then the X-Men arrive! A melee ensues, and Dracula retreats below into the catacombs. Kitty and Colossus follow hot on his heels, though they are opposed (briefly) by the other X-Men. They take their own way down, and come upon Colossus battling Dracula. Wolverine charges in and gets bitten by Dracula and turned against his teammates. Elsewhere in the Catacombs, Storm encounters Rachel again, where she learns she cannot finish the vampire-hunter-turned-vampire. Back at the main event, Kitty comes upon the battle from behind, and starts to read the Montesi Formula, when Nightcrawler stops her for her own good. It comes out that Kitty is possessed, and Dracula guesses (correctly) that it is his own daughter! Dracula smacks his daughter around, and starts going into evil villain monologue mode, when Rachel van Helsing lobs a spear through his chest. Confused that his hold on her is broken, Dracula quickly succumbs to the sign of the cross, and Wolverine is about to remove his head when the roof starts caving in. The X-Men escape outside. Rachel van Helsing asks for death, and Wolverine gives it to her. Lilith reveals her name and her plot, and then releases Kitty and leaves. And Dracula's hold on the X-Men is over... or is it?
2007-03-23 04:58:48 cook Removed Character Shadowcat (Marvel)
2007-03-23 04:58:48 cook Added Character Sprite (Marvel)(02 - Kitty Pryde)
2007-02-27 17:58:43 cook Added Creator Bill Sienkiewicz
2006-01-22 12:03:16 TR Naus Added Character Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
2006-01-22 12:03:08 TR Naus Added Character Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
2006-01-22 12:02:46 TR Naus Added Character Colossus (Marvel)(03 - Piotr Rasputin)
2006-01-22 12:02:35 TR Naus Added Character Nightcrawler (Marvel)(01 - Kurt Wagner)
2006-01-22 12:02:10 TR Naus Added Character Storm (Marvel)(01 - Ororo Munroe)
2006-01-22 12:02:00 TR Naus Added Character Shadowcat (Marvel)
2006-01-22 12:01:48 TR Naus Added Character Rachel Van Helsing (Marvel)
2006-01-22 12:01:34 TR Naus Added Character Lilith (Marvel)(01 - Lilith Tepes)
2006-01-22 12:01:23 TR Naus Added Character Dracula (Marvel)
2005-12-04 00:09:34 DeleriumTremens Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2005-12-04 00:09:34 DeleriumTremens Added Cover Added cover (large)

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