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Magneto Rex (1999) #1

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-02-06 16:26:53 rwe1138 Added Character Tilby, Patricia 'Trish'
2011-02-06 16:22:39 rwe1138 Added Creator Liquid!
2011-02-06 16:22:39 rwe1138 Tagline Long Live the King! Long Live The King!
2008-07-18 04:15:48 mikebo Added Creator Brandon Peterson - 'Brando'
2007-09-08 12:19:11 DrNick201 Added Character Haller (Marvel), Gabrielle
2007-09-08 12:18:56 DrNick201 Added Character Black Panther (Marvel)(01 - T'Challa)
2007-09-08 12:18:36 DrNick201 Added Character Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
2005-12-24 00:54:44 TR Naus Synopsis Magneto overlooks his new kingdom, the island of Genosha. He plans to transform the devastated capital city, Hammer Bay, into the center of a mutant empire. While deep in thought, Magneto becomes a target of a Magistrates ambush. He quickly reacts but falls to his knees before he can finish the attackers. A sharp pain rips through his body -- a body not yet fully recovered from a fierce battle against Joseph. Fortunately, a mutate arrives to rescue the country’s new leader. In the American Midwest, Amelia Voght secretly watches Quicksilver rescue kids from a fire. Pietro notices the Acolyte and confronts her. The angry Avenger can no longer ignore his father’s villainous actions and resolves to finally face him man to man. He demands that Voght take him to her “messiah”. She teleports them to Genosha where Quicksilver learns of the United Nation’s decision to place Magneto as ruler of the collapsed African nation. Magneto meets his new governing council. They are Philip Moreau (the son of the first Genegineer), Jenny Ransome (Chancellor of Genosha's preliminary Government), Pipeline (a former magistrate) and Dr. Alda Huxley. They discuss Genosha’s current state of affairs and their first threat, a possible revolt led by an enigmatic mutate. Philip briefs the council on what they know about the Zealot and his movement. Philip also reveals a family secret. Zealot is his brother and one of the first to undergo their father’s mutate bonding process. Magneto must continue to hide his weakened condition from everybody. He directs Pipeline to take him to Fabian Cortez. The traitorous Acolyte agrees to earn forgiveness by serving Master of Magnetism with complete fidelity. Zealot makes his first move. Quicksilver races to save a screaming mutate from a Magistrate hunt. He learns too late, however, that the entire event is trap. The “victim” drops Pietro with a poisoned dart. Voght is powerless to help and fades away. Rogue also makes her way to Genosha. She hopes to talk to the Magneto before things get out of hand. She searches Hammer Bay for him but instead discovers a large mutate congregation in a wrecked church. Zealot appears on stage and uncovers the first casualty of the war against Magneto’s rule. The foreigner’s son, Quicksilver, hangs tied to a cross.
2005-12-17 21:16:44 TR Naus Added Character Fabian Cortez
2005-12-17 21:16:37 TR Naus Added Character Jennifer Ransome
2005-12-17 21:16:16 TR Naus Added Character Philip Moreau
2005-12-17 21:16:03 TR Naus Added Character Pipeline
2005-12-17 21:15:44 TR Naus Added Character Alda Huxley
2005-12-17 21:15:36 TR Naus Added Character Amelia Voght
2005-12-17 17:36:45 TR Naus Added Character Zealot (Marvel)
2005-12-17 17:27:29 TR Naus Added Character Rogue (Marvel)(01 - Anna Marie Raven)
2005-12-17 17:27:22 TR Naus Added Character Quicksilver (Marvel)
2005-12-17 17:27:11 TR Naus Added Character Magneto (Marvel)
2005-12-17 17:21:24 TR Naus Tagline Long Live the King!
2005-12-17 17:21:24 TR Naus Pagecount 36
2005-12-11 12:02:49 faust Added Cover Added cover (thumbnail)
2005-12-11 12:02:49 faust Added Cover Added cover (large)

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