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Excalibur (2004) #1

Contribution History:
Date User Field Old Value New Value
2011-05-22 18:11:17 Sir Phobos Added Story Arc X-Men ReLoad
2007-12-10 19:29:57 gutterboy Tagline The Dream Lives On
2007-09-03 05:18:50 DrNick201 Added Character MacTaggert (Marvel), Moira
2007-07-18 12:33:13 misterpace Added Character Freakshow
2006-11-03 17:34:45 SoupyDrek Name Paint It Black Forging the Sword, Part 1: Paint It Black
2006-09-01 06:25:37 johnhimpele Added Story Arc Forging the Sword
2006-07-30 12:38:48 SoupyDrek Added Creator Andy Park
2006-01-04 23:58:18 Trevor Cates Added Character Unus the Untouchable
2006-01-04 23:57:34 Trevor Cates Added Character Freakshow
2006-01-04 23:56:55 Trevor Cates Added Character Wicked
2006-01-04 23:56:15 Trevor Cates Added Character Magneto (Marvel)(Erik 'Max' Magnus Eisenhardt)
2006-01-04 23:55:34 Trevor Cates Added Character Professor X (Marvel)(Charles Francis Xavier)
2006-01-04 23:54:47 Trevor Cates Added Creator Stephanie Moore
2006-01-04 23:54:47 Trevor Cates Added Creator Cory Sedlmeier
2006-01-04 23:54:47 Trevor Cates Added Creator Joe Quesada
2006-01-04 23:54:47 Trevor Cates Synopsis In Genosha, Xavier thinks back about the destruction that his twin sister, Cassandra Nova, caused. Resolving his emotions, Xavier opens a secret compartment on the bottom of the coffin near him. He removes an outfit that seems more soldier-like and a handful of electronic devices, including weapons. Trying to pick the coffin off the ground, he is embarrassingly thrown to the ground by his own momentum. A ghostly Moira MacTaggert appears near him and questions him of his intentions in Genosha. Xavier tells the mirage that he plans to figure out what has caused the large spike in mutant births. Elsewhere, Unus watches Xavier from afar and commands his three lackeys nearby him to go to Xavier and teach him a lesson. Back with Xavier, Moira has disappeared and Xavier finds a new mutant named Wicked. Talking to Wicked and seeing her powers in action, Xavier is stopped by Unus and his group as they show up to attack him. Xavier stops the three lackeys, while a new comer named Freakshow easily dispatches Unus. Xavier thanks the two mutants, Freakshow and Wicked, telling them that he would like to teach them, as he once taught the X-Men. After arriving at his destination, he psychically urges Freakshow and Wicked to go to bed. As the two of them walk away, Xavier turns around to meet an old ally, who has been waiting for him to arrive, the man named Magneto.

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