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Korak, Son of Tarzan (1964) - #36
"Canyon of the Lost"
Gold Key

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Gaylord DuBois

Dan Spiegle

Dan Spiegle

Cover Artist(s):
George Wilson

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: July 1970
Cover Price: US $ 0.15

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Korak comes upon an ape-king throwing a berserk rage because a balu dropped on him from a tree, and the son of Tarzan knocks the ape cold with the hurled butt of his spear. Burzak awakes and tracks Korak to get revenge for deposing him. As Korak drinks from a stream, Burzak knocks him out with a rock. A party of tarmangani scare the ape away and carry Korak back to a game warden's house. The little girl, Nadia, goes out to hunt for a herb to heal the head wound, and when Korak awakens he immediately goes after her because of Burzak. Sure enough, Burzak abducts her and takes her to a river cliff to drown her. Korak catches up but Burzak slips and falls, with Nadia in his arms, into the swift current. He and the girl cling to a dead log and soon pass from sight down the canyon. Korak and the three game wardens throw a log into the river and leap in after it. They float down into a deep dark cavern, and come out at a forbidding island. There a tribe of white gorillas is chasing Burzak and Nadia. Korak makes off with the girl while the men fire their rifles into the tribe. They find an abandoned dug-out and take off down the stream, although Selim has given his life. Passing a terrible firepit in the stream, all four are rendered unconscious. Burzak, on a log, is burned to death. After that the canyon goes over a gigantic waterfall, and only by the strength of Korak's arms can the canoe be stopped beside some vines hanging down. All of them climb up over Korak and they make it to the top. They watch the charred body of Burzak hurtle over the falls on his log.

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