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Korak, Son of Tarzan (1964) - #34
"The Warlord of Alopan"
Gold Key

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Gaylord DuBois

Dan Spiegle

Dan Spiegle

Cover Artist(s):
George Wilson

Rating (out of 10):

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Searching: Korak, Son of Tarzan 34
Korak Son of Tarzan #34 Gold Key Comics Painted Cover  War Lord of AlopanKorak Son of Tarzan #34 Gold Key Comics Painted Cover War Lord of Alopan$4.99
KORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series)  (GOLD KEY) #34 Good Comics BookKORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series) (GOLD KEY) #34 Good Comics Book$3.51
KORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series)  (GOLD KEY) #34 Very Good Comics BookKORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series) (GOLD KEY) #34 Very Good Comics Book$6.30
KORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series)  (GOLD KEY) #34 Fine Comics BookKORAK, SON OF TARZAN (1964 Series) (GOLD KEY) #34 Fine Comics Book$13.38
Korak Son of Tarzan # 34 ( April 1970) Gold Key ComicKorak Son of Tarzan # 34 ( April 1970) Gold Key Comic$1.99


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Cover Date: April 1970
Cover Price: US $ 0.15

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Korak returns to the Waziri estates to find Paul D'Arnot waiting for Tarzan. Korak offers to help, and so D'Arnot explains that he has had a dream about his missing son that contains two volcano cone islands in the middle of a lake. Korak recognizes it as a landmark in Pal-Ul-Don, and they fly there on the back of Aguila. Fooled by the distorted depth perception of seeing miniature villages in one of the volcano cones, they crash land and the two men are knocked out. The Alopans, men about the size of a boy's action figure, carry them in and subject them to a machine that shrinks them to their size. Then they are taken before their warlord, who turns out to be D'Arnot's long lost son. Suddenly the Analopans, from a rival city in the other volcano cone, attack Alopan. Pierre and Korak pilot gliders that drop bombs upon the aggressors. A third glider pilot is mortally wounded and smashes his plane into the Analopan army. When the Analopans are driven back, Pierre and Korak return to the city with great acclaim from the populace. Pierre's fiance, Tilba, is the daughter of the leading scientist. The four of them decide to escape that night, so Tilba takes them to the laboratory (after the men overcome the guards) and they are subjected to the reverse shrinking process. Since it does not take effect for some hours, they are then able to fly gliders to the beach on the mainland shore and land. There a hyena attacks them, but they rush into a hole while Korak puts his tiny sword into its jaws. When the growing effect begins, they have to tumble back out of the hole, but Korak grows large in time to strangle the hyena.

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